Elegant Wedding Dresses

Young bride usually choose lush dresses, adorned with ribbons, ruffles, rhinestones and other decor options. However, in our time not only to get married in 20 years. Many girls prefer to first complete his education, begin to build a career before having a family. With age, tastes change. Young women don’t want to look like decorated with whipped cream cake, preferring the discreet and elegant wedding dresses. Read more about wedding dresses for muslim brides.

Heavy skirts, tight corsets and other uncomfortable stuff to the elegant look are irrelevant. But the classic cuts and simple silhouettes, it will always be to give the girl femininity and attractiveness. Despite some restrictions on the styles, a range of elegant dresses is still great and varied.

If the dress is positioned as elegant, it must highlight the elegance of the shoulder line and to enhance the posture, which should be royally magnificent (maybe that you even have to practice).

If the skin on the back has no flaws, and the shape of the back can be called perfect, you can choose a dress with a cutout back. An elegant outfit is not possible without slender figure, which should fit obthayutsya cloth.
How to choose the style?

If the bride puts in the forefront the elegance of the image, it will need to abandon a full skirt, corsets, a large number of rhinestones and other “tinsel”. Elegant called outfits, characterized by comfort, simplicity and elegance of lines, no unnecessary decoration.


But this does not mean that the simple and elegant wedding dresses look boring and monotonous. Photos of models offered fashion designers, will make sure that the bride and without a tight corset and crinoline can look feminine and gentle.



Wedding dress straight silhouette – a simple and elegant solution. This outfit may be closed or have a bodice with shoulder straps. In the latter case, the dress can be supplemented with an elegant jacket or Bolero.

Straight cut is versatile, it is ideal for brides with any type of shape.


Asymmetrical cut lines allow you to hide various figure flaws, so this technique is often used in wedding fashion. Asymmetry may be present in the outfit in the most unexpected places, everything will depend on the physique of the bride.

So asymmetrical neckline and sheath / column one shoulder with a large brooch is a great choice for brides with type figure “pear”. Due to such cut of dresses, you can visually make the figure more harmonious.

The asymmetric waist line will draw attention to this part of the figure, especially if the cut line will be decorated with embroidery or lace.



This style of dress unique, as it is almost everything and is appropriate for any event. Elegant slim dresses fit the brides of any age. It will be good for secondary school graduates and for women over 30, and ladies of elegant age.
Slim, fitted bodice combined with a gently flowing skirt allows you to create a romantic look which is perfect for the bride. The bodice and skirt of this dress can be made from different materials. For example, very beautiful dress with a lace bodice and a skirt of silk.

But even the most simple satin gown of A-silhouette – this is a wonderful wedding image. Beautiful luster satin allows you to make a bet on a cloth and do not use any more of the decor.


“Mermaid” Silhouette “mermaid” is not only very fashionable, but incredibly impressive. If the bride has a figure type “hourglass”, it can choose this elegant style.

Its the cut of this dress resembles a dress as it is sewn with vertical pleats that outfit is tight fitting shape, highlighting the feminine curves. Elegance gives way to a flared skirt that starts from the line mid-thigh or slightly lower. Skirt can be single cut or sewn at the cut lines. In the latter case for sewing skirts is often used lace or other fabric, contrasting the texture of the fabric of the dress.

Open back

Modern bride avoid open neckline, preferring outfits with cutout back. This dress looks flawless, elegant and incredibly spectacular.

However, this style does not suit all brides. In order to look beautiful in your dress with an open back you need to have a Royal posture. The bride needs to take into account that to monitor the posture will have throughout the evening, so if a girl has the habit to slouch, then it is better to choose a different version of the outfit.



Many modern brides choose short wedding dress. Of course, we are not talking about mini dresses, and dresses knee length.

Styles short dresses can be different. A win-win – sheath dress, flattering. Elegant look of the dress in the shape of a trapezoid, and fitted the model with a slightly flared skirt.

To give an elegant Bridal look, you can use various expressive details.

Sleeves. Dress can be sewn with long sleeves. The sleeve can be narrow, tight-fitting arm and flared. The last option is recommended if the hands are a little overweight or too skinny. Very popular with sleeves three quarters, they are often cut out of semi – transparent fabrics like lace or chiffon.

Peplum. The ruffle is sewn at the waist, enables you not only to decorate the outfit, but also to hide some figure flaws. For example, if the hips are too narrow, to give the figure more harmonious appearance can be achieved by using a layered lush peplum.

Train. This expressive detail often present in wedding images. The plume can be one-piece or removable, this piece complements almost any dress style.


The elegance of the attire is determined not only by style, but also a choice of fabrics. Sew simple patterns should be used to choose the most beautiful fabrics, as their appearance will be “solo” in the image. The most popular fabric for tailoring of wedding dresses:

Atlas. This is perhaps the most popular material used in wedding fashion. Especially beautiful satin of natural silk threads. The feature fabric is a different texture of the front side and back side. On the one hand the fabric has a soft sheen, and on the other a crepe surface. Satin. Thin and durable material based on cotton fibers. Has a beautiful low tide, hardly wrinkled.

Brocade. Heavy and dense material, perfectly shaped. Used for dresses simple cut. Velvet. This kind of fabric with a NAP, a luxurious view and beautiful shimmers in the light. It’s typically used for making simple and elegant dresses for a winter wedding.

Silk. This is one of the most beautiful fabrics, so it is often used for tailoring elegant wedding dresses. The fabric has a smooth shiny surface. Taffeta. A woven fabric made from silk threads. A hard fabric surface with a soft sheen.

Lace. Modern designers love to use this material for sewing wedding dresses. Lace openwork, so dresses out of it, as a rule, sew on the cover. But if lace is used for sewing individual parts (sleeves, top bodice etc.), it is possible to do without lining.

Still, the most popular color for sewing wedding dress remains white and its shades. Brides often choose the warm hues of white, ivory, cream.

But not less popular, and colored wedding dresses. For example, for women over 40 designers offer elegant outfits in different shades of blue, from deep sapphire blue to muted gray. Popular outfits of various shades of beige and silver.


To create an elegant wedding image is important not only to buy a suitable dress, but also pick the accessories to it.

Bridal veil is a traditional accessory for a wedding outfit. It is only important to choose the right model of the dress. To long along, you can buy a long veil with a short dress, such a model will not look. The modern bride often refuse veils, preferring other hair accessories. The elegant dress you can pick up a little hat with a veil or to wear a beautiful tiara.

To create an elegant wedding image should buy classic stilettos without additional decor. It’s almost a win-win option that is suitable to any style of dress. Wedding image it is difficult to imagine themselves without ornaments. However, you should not try to turn yourself into a jewelry store window. Elegance implies moderation. Therefore, decorations should be few, and they should be in harmony with the style of the dress. It is unacceptable to wear various jewelry, for example pearl necklace and bracelet with clear crystals.

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