Wedding Attributes

Wedding attributes – those seemingly unnoticeable details and elements, without which it is impossible to present a unified and coherent picture of the occasion. To any one person invited to the wedding ceremony, not the feeling that the organizers of the holiday is obviously about something forgot, the acquisition and preparation of key attributes for the wedding will have to take care in advance.

Accessories: things to consider when choosing?
Here it would be appropriate to say that for each individual ceremony can exist on its own, the main and secondary attributes. For example, at an event organized in a nautical or Hawaiian style, it is easy to do without the traditional ring pillows, however for a wedding in the chivalric middle Ages, this accessory will prove invaluable. You will need this attribute of the wedding ceremony, organized by the classic scenario.

Invitations for your guests too can be counted among the obligatory attributes of a wedding. But whether they need, say, for a formal celebration, scheduled to take place in the narrow family circle? These and other nuances is very important to consider at the stage of preparation for the upcoming festival. Such forethought will help to avoid You not only the hassle, but and unnecessary expenses because of the customization of the same invitations will definitely occupy a separate item in the plan for future expenses.

So before you purchase those or other attributes of the wedding, it is advisable to compile an approximate list on paper (or select from the list provided in this publication), and then, together with your partner, discuss the need for their purchase. Before you make a final buying decision, you should consider not only the themes and style of the wedding, but also the size of budget – do not forget that most of the items after the holiday is hardly ever still need Your pair.

Wedding attributes: main types
In addition to invitations and color, the wedding rings, which have already been mentioned above, the ceremony will take beautifully designed glasses for the bride and groom. Usually the organizers of the solemn event purchased two pairs of glasses – one of them by tradition, the couple should split, taking the first SIP of champagne, the second to save on memory as family heirlooms.

Speaking of traditions and ancient rites, one cannot help but recall the legend, according to which the young couple all the way to the place of the ceremony must accompany the doll-amulet (or a couple of dolls). It is believed that a doll, placed on the car of the bride and groom, able to protect their feelings from the “evil eye”. Whether such iconic mascot on the roof or on the front bumper of a car is to decide, of course, only by future spouses.

The ceremony, organized in its classic, traditional design, is unthinkable without the loaf, which later parents greet the newlyweds. It is believed that the newlyweds, who will bite off the loaf the biggest piece will be the head of the family. It should be noted that guests of this loaf is not treated: it eats only the parents and the young couple, since the ceremony represents the unity of generations and families.

Another tradition coming from the depth of centuries is the so-called wedding rain, which satisfied a young couple, relatives and friends showering the couple after registering, rice, wheat, millet, coins, or small candies. It is considered that this ritual promises to the bride and groom comfortable and happy family life. If such a surprise honeymoon planned in a festive scenario, the organizers have to prepare in advance the relevant materials – and you can not be confined to the grain or sweets, and to complement them with colored confetti, streamers, flower petals or glitter.

None of the wedding can not do without the cake, the supply of which, according to tradition, ends with a festive Banquet. This final part of the ceremony script was bound to be a memorable, modern wedding cakes often are true works of confectionery art. What will be the cake for particular celebration, again decide the future husband and wife, based on the characteristics of the wedding style, personal wishes and preferences of their guests.

In conclusion, we should combine all these and many other major wedding attributes in a single list, which will include:

– invitations;
– ring pillows;
– glasses for bride and groom;
– the doll-amulet in the car;
– a loaf and a towel;
– materials for wedding rain;
– wedding cake;
– figures on the cake;
– garter for bride;
– candles, flashlights;
– boarding cards on Banquet tables;
– big fancy book (wedding wish book) for the memorial wishes of the young couple by relatives and friends of the family;
– large letters, frame (for photo shoots and decorating the Banquet hall);
– decorations for the motorcade (ribbons, flowers, balloons, large intertwined ring, etc.);
– jewelry to champagne, destined for the newlyweds.

In the end, our wedding website recommends all newlyweds to follow in the selection of merchandise one simple Board, the observance of which would avoid the visual dissonance at the event. So, by purchasing the necessary accessories, you should focus on those products, subjects and materials that are made in the same style and one color.

Here the organizers and wedding couples can come popular online stores selling ready-made sets of attributes for the wedding – usually there is a wedding book, ring pillow, candles, garter of the bride and special festive basket or mini-chest. It should be noted that the purchase of such ready-made kits is much cheaper than acquiring the items individually.

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