Wedding First Dance Song

First dance of the newlyweds is one of the most emotional moments in the entire marriage ceremony, since in most cases it is at this stage most of the audience unable to hold back the tears of joy and happiness. Yes needless to say – often the bride and groom themselves and can’t keep from admiring glances of guests overwhelming feelings. It should be noted that in many respects, a special brightness, originality and romance of this moment gives for the wedding first dance song. If beforehand the bride and groom will choose the most suitable in their opinion a song and rehearse the beautiful dance number, the result of the efforts will be just stunning.

So, if a couple plans to make a lasting impression on your guests, close friends and relatives, it is necessary at the outset to consider all sorts of options for music for first wedding dance and to learn (with the choreographer) at least a few graceful moves.

Song for first wedding dance: where to start?
Before the bride and groom decide to give preference to one or another composition, experts recommend to take into account the following important points:

– it is desirable that the selection of the necessary works pair performed together as the music for the first wedding dance in the first place, should equally like both the bride and groom;

– ideal can be represented by a composition associated with some pleasant associations and memories from the couples love story, (about which both I can confidently say, “It’s our song!”);

– the chosen song should match the theme and style of the event (e.g., “flower” wedding wonderful choice may be the “Waltz of the flowers”, and for the wedding in the spirit of Argentina or Spain – tango or Rumba);

– as one of the musical scores can be considered well-known soundtracks from your favorite movies bride and groom.

So what can the experts recommend for consideration in the first place?


It can surely be considered the classical music for the first dance of the newlyweds, their preference for which pair will never regret the decision. This motif will be an excellent choice in case the celebration is organized according to the traditional scenario. In addition, a waltz is perfectly suitable for a noble wedding in the European style (as you know, to the places of origin include Austria and Germany). Among the most famous works – the Waltz of the Flowers (P. Tchaikovsky), Vienna (J. Strauss) and “Spring” (F. Chopin) waltzes, etc.


As well as the eponymous dance genre, tango sounds imbued with passion and genuine emotions. Not need to be an expert, not to figure out for celebrations what subjects suit such works: of course, we are talking about rich, distinctive wedding styles.

The choice of works in the spirit of the tango that exists in our day, is so great that finding the right composition will not have any problems. (The most common melodies in the genre of tango is “La Cumparsita” – as in the classic version and a modern version of “Libertango” (A. Piazzola), “Por Una Cabeza” is known to many from the movie “Scent of a woman”, etc.)

Modern performers

Bypassing the above composition, the unique brightness and uniqueness of the festive events can be emphasized with the help of modern songs domestic and foreign artists. (By the way, it should be noted here that for a wedding in retro style is preferable to select and relevant works of previous years.)

Here is a video that reveals the top 25 most distinguished romantic and emotional hits that are popular with modern couples. It is possible that many of them will be useful and for Your loved one, becoming a real ornament of the most sensual moment in all of the upcoming ceremony.

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