Wedding Lingerie

Decide first what should be a wedding lingerie set, comfortable or beautiful?

Every man at the wedding trying to imagine how luxurious and sexy lingerie is under the dress of his bride. But, needless to say, sexy lingerie is most often not too comfortable and not suitable for extended wear. To calmly pass the whole day in a Thong with a belt made of Swarovski crystals can not every girl. Therefore, we advise to choose a lingerie set for the wedding in two instances: simple and easy wedding dress and a set of “sexy” – just for the wedding night.

What color should be the bridal lingerie?

If the Bridal gown you put on the same kit as for the wedding night, he must, of course, to fit the color of the dress, it is usually bodily or white. Although, if your wedding outfit a lot of red parts, and there may be all the dress red, the passionate red kit will only to place.

But on the wedding night, if you plan to leave him in bed for the newlyweds, and after a few minutes to stand before him in a mind-blowing erotic lingerie…the color of it can be absolutely anything. And yet, the most suitable are considered traditional colors: white, red, black.

And yet…What underwear to wear under wedding dress?

Some say that the garter is a mandatory attribute of the wedding. Especially if you value the tradition that the groom must remove the garter from the bride. But you must remember that if you have short or tight dress, the garter will be visible without any doubt. And it’s not too appropriate at the wedding. Because of the garter at the wedding, it’s still only the attribute and nothing more, it is better to leave them for a romantic night.

Another thing is the stockings. If you have a wedding not in 30 degree heat, it is better to concern themselves with the purchase of tights or stockings. Tights, of course, is more practical, but stockings for the wedding – romantic. What to choose, you decide. The main thing is to be prepared for the peculiarities of each.

Initially the garter was intended for additional retention of the stocking. Now you have a choice: either to choose the stockings to the belt, to which the stockings are fastened simply or just buy stockings with elastic silicone layer, which tightly encloses the leg and prevents the sock sliding.

Of course, the belt keeps the stockings better, but about the comfort in the waist area, you may have to forget. Stockings with elastic band same long-term wearing can slide due to the fact that the adhesive gradually loses its properties. In any case, what would you choose: stockings or tights to the wedding – be sure to bring an extra pair. Just in case.

If you want your Breasts seemed bigger, and the waist slimmer, the corset is what you need. It was created precisely in order to hide your weaknesses and turn them into advantages. Wearing a corset under the wedding dress, pay attention to its size. It is natural that you want to look better than it actually is. But still not worth it to overreact and to buy this dress a size too small – you risk to faint or get cramps at the most inopportune moment. Of course, the corsets should forget pregnant and nursing girls.

Less travojadnye option bustier. Well it lifts the Breasts, but the risk of suffocation or simply that the breast will slip out during the wedding dance, is much lower. And, of course, the bustier is much better suited to dresses with deep and/or a cutout. Bustier can be made of a sufficiently dense material and, as well. like corset, is able to adjust the curves of the waist and hide the wrinkle on her stomach. Depending on what wedding dress you plan to wear, you can choose a bustier with straps or without.

As for the wedding night – if you expect that you will have the same set on the wedding party and after that bustier looks much more erotic than a corset. After all, it can be absolutely anything: lace, satin, with embroidery and ruffle… can only choose bustier so that parts were hidden under the dress.

The most obvious that can be selected as underwear of the bride – separate the set with the bra. However, things are not so simple as it seems. You know, how to be a bra under a wedding dress? If you have a small chest and a shallow neckline on the dress, it is best to choose seamless model without bones in the manner of sports. Special grace, that lineup is no different, but, if you try, it is possible to find some interesting patterns. At least in this bra you will feel comfortable and confident. Please note that the owners of magnificent forms of sports bras will not fit, as they have the ability to stretch and, consequently, ill keep that for which they are intended.

If you want to support the breast and lift it visually, add volume or to adjust the shape, choose the traditional bra underwire. The material and shape of bra for wedding depend on your taste and neckline for wedding dress. You can also choose the bra type “Angelica” strapless, if required by the style of your dress. But in this case, in dance you should be very careful not to accidentally submit their “charms” to the public. Still, the corset and bustier without shoulder straps will hold the Breasts better.

Another option for wedding underwear to wear under wedding dress bodysuit. It can be with a slimming effect, then all the excess is uniformly distributed without forming unsightly folds.

The upper body without shoulder straps and hard cups corset like, but, unlike the latter, it has no clasps at the back and does not require adjustment in size. Under tight wedding dress option sets with clasps at the bottom are just perfect! Another advantage of the body they are backless, so you can easily select a model that is 100% relevant to the style of your wedding dress, even if he has a deep neckline on the back.

How unrealistic it may seem, wedding night lingerie should be both modest and comfortable, but it is good to support the Breasts and titillated her future husband. You just have to make the right choice. Because beautiful lingerie gives women confidence in their own irresistibility!

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