Main Makeup Mistakes

Cosmetics serves primarily to make us more beautiful. The right makeup smoothes the skin, giving it a glow and a beautiful shade, hides pimples and emphasizes all your strengths, whether expressive eyes, full lips or well-defined cheekbones. However, even the most beautiful girl makeup may just disfigure. Leading stylists amounted to “five” the main mistakes in makeup.

Mistake №1. Too much makeup is whorish

Only money and not love, sometimes too much, and the number of cosmetics on the face should strictly regulate. Powder should not crumble, clumps of mascara does not have a right to exist, shadows, skativshiesya in the folds of the eyelids, is unacceptable.

Makeup focuses on a single detail on his face, as if highlighting her. Usually put emphasis on the eye, for example, smokey-eyes, or accentuate the lips. Recently stylists propose wide sable brows.

If make bright and deliberately garish, for example, in the style of vamp, Gothic, punk style, it must match the image.

Three layers of “plaster” is not a distinctive feature of vamp, and one of the subjects of men’s jokes. Men may not notice much, but the excess make-up definitely will look.

How to avoid the “Gypsy” makeup?

First, carefully choose concealer.

Before you buy, apply it on your wrist and make sure it blends with the color of your skin. Do not skimp on this tool – it is, perhaps, the most important thing in your cosmetic bag.

The second important tool – powder, it also needs to blend in with skin color. Try to put powder dot on the forehead. If the point does not stand out – buy!

Mistake№ 2. The curvature of the comic

Errors in makeup Eyeliner need to do perfectly or not doing it at all. If you can’t smooth fine line – use eye shadow or soft pencil, eyeliner and give it to the friend. Worse eyeliner applied zigzag, maybe just eyeliner, strongly bounding the inner region of the eye and creates the illusion of a strong squint.

All you need skill and therefore training. Sooner or later you will definitely make a beautiful line, and if it does not, the option with the shadows just as good.

If you have small eyes apply the eyeliner on the lower eyelid, it can diminish them. And, of course, never render the inner area of the eye if strabismus is not a fetish of your loved one.

Mistake №3. Too bright makeup is not for everyone

Errors in makeup Bright makeup is not for everyone and not always. Many stylists believe that it is better to leave it exclusively for the scene and staged photo shoots. They say that in real life there are only natural options.

You share this opinion or not, but to listen to him. But to focus immediately on the eyes and lips than I was expecting, if you don’t want to look vulgar and affordable.

If you really want brightness, listen to the old rule, and emphasize one or the other — lips or eyes. And in any case not necessary to use exotic combinations of lip pencil and lipstick. Select the pencil on the darker tone of lipstick.
Mistake №4. Too much Shine

Errors in makeup to Shine brighter than a Christmas tree – not the best solution even for the holiday, not to mention everyday. Remember that once the skin starts to Shine a little, or has irregularities, brilliance becomes the main enemy. It stresses everything, even the smallest flaws.

Glittery makeup looks bad in pictures. It is better to cancel the Shine at all if you plan to be photographed. The maximum allowable is one layer of Shine to lips – this will give them extra volume. Three or four layers of gloss on her lips already look heavy and vulgar.

The skin should be perfect, so in the purse, put oil blotting sheets. They should be used every 1-2 hours. Plus be sure to secure the funds with sequins, otherwise after half an hour they start to crumble.

Mistake №5. Brushes and applicators should not be cheap

Not everything expensive is necessarily good and right for you, but to expect miracles from cheap brushes and applicators. Still, as from the shadows, standing ten hryvnia, because they will quickly get off in lumps. Cheap tools are rarely a comfortable feel and convenient in application.

Find a reasonable line between price and quality. Try samples first, so as not to spend the extra money and choose the ideal. Brushes and applicators should only buy good, then they will last a long time, and working with them will be convenient.

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