Wedding Makeup for Blondes

Wedding makeup is one of the important components in the perfect image of the bride. The face should Shine with health, beauty, perfection, so much so that the eye, cannot take. The wedding day is always filled with various emotions – excitement, joy, happiness, tears, so evening makeup for the bride should be stylish and sustainable at the same time. If you are a blond girl, you must know what wedding makeup for blondes has many nuances.

The details of the wedding makeup for blondes

Beauty of blondes have long been impressed by the male half of humanity, they have always admired the spectacular appearance of such women, their flawless glowing skin and bright eyes. It is believed that blond girls can always look confident, stylish, stunning. And they in all circumstances always willingly use this, not paying attention to the conventions.

To highlight your appearance has not lost its charm and unearthly beauty during the festivities, you need to choose wisely wedding makeup for blondes. Its task is to emphasize the dignity, to allow us to achieve the perfect image by selecting the face in gold or platinum vestments of hair. Follow the advice of makeup artists and you can easily achieve this goal.

Perfect tone

The first thing you should do is to create the perfect tone that you could not see a single flaw in the skin. If you will choose the right shade of toning, will cause them to all areas of the face by a certain method, you will achieve the effect of freshness of your appearance throughout the festive day. So, recommendations for creating the perfect color and tone:

If you are the owner of dry skin, you should choose creams more dense, thick consistency, but if on the contrary – you’ll like the cream of light texture, with minimal liquid content.
Blondes who have light skin usually recommend to apply pale pink, rose Nude, pinkish-white cream.
Previously, when you apply Foundation on the face, mix it with normal day cream that will moisturize the face. Take this proportion: one part moisturizer and two parts of toning cream.
It is best for the application and use fingertips to evenly distribute the cream over the entire surface of the face. At the end of a cotton cloth perform corrective effect and movement from the top down RUB the cream to the neck area.
The final stage of creating the perfect tone in the wedding makeup is applied using a broad brush powder.
Make sure that the tone was out of uniform and did not differ in color from the cleavage.

The next step is the creation of beautiful blush on your delicate face. Wedding makeup for blondes provides a light blush effect, which is achieved using a pinkish-coral or peach tones. This will allow the most natural to emphasize the natural beauty and revitalize your eyes. Use dry blush crumbly and creamy at the same time to create the right shade of blush. The method of application is simple: the movement from the temple to the lips produce very light dabs of the brush in the zygomatic bones.

Lipstick and lip liner

Blondes it is important to choose lipsticks from the range of cold tones (pink, purple), light tone skin didn’t argue with the color of the lips. Before you put on lipstick, be sure to moisten them with cream. Use the contour and eyeliner to highlight and adjust the perfect line of beautiful lips. For long-lasting effect of lipstick be sure to apply powder on lips. Here is required tips on how to paint the lips with lipstick:

Use a special brush to evenly apply lipstick.
First smear of lipstick on the center of lips, then carefully spread the tone tassel over the entire area.
After this procedure, blot the lipstick using a swipe, then a second time nakraste lips.

The rules of eye make-up

Wedding makeup for blondes provides for strict rules of eye make-up according to which line should look expressive. Print hard every brow, apply shadow and eyeliner emphasized beautifully, smoothly, blend if necessary. To achieve this very difficult task, there are some recommendations of professionals that you’ll find below:

In order to bring beautiful eyebrows, take a pencil of light-brown shades.
Intermittent movements, starting from the middle, apply the pencil strokes on the outside, and then on the inner edge of the eyebrows, which then need to be carefully shade.
To beautifully highlight eyes, use blue, gray, light blue, silver, chocolate, bronze shadows.
Highlight the eyes using liquid eyeliner or pencil of dark color (such as black).
In evening makeup on the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow apply a light tone of shadows, and moving to the edge is darker.
Paint lashes black mascara, use false eyelashes and special pliers for twisting the ends.

Choose makeup for eyes color

Eyes – is the main trump card in the exterior of any girl, so it is important to choose the right make-up. Wedding makeup for blondes is always selected with an emphasis on color the girl’s eyes. There are rules that need to be taken into account when the make-up for blue, gray eyes, gray-blue. Some recommendations for brides with green eyes and brown owners. Next, you will learn more information on makeup for each eye shade.

Makeup for blondes with blue eyes

Wedding makeup for blondes who have blue eyes must visually emphasize the glow skin, beautiful eye color, make opinion as expressive. Eyes of this color will require effort, and the result will be even more attractive. For this purpose it is necessary to follow all the stages recommended by make-up artists for make-up. A few tips for you:

First, where to start – is the selection of the perfect tone for the skin with a light tint (usually blondes with blue eyes have the such skin). Choose shades of powder with a flesh-colored or light-pink tone. It is best to take a transparent powder or cream Foundation with a light texture and hydration.
Eye shadow, select blue, gray, blue, purple.
Eliminate from your Arsenal in your purse all the shade of bright pink and green hues.
Ink prefer either the brown or the blue.
You can get wedding makeup use a rich lipstick with bright pink and coral tones.
Use lip gloss of different colors, or simply colorless, with flickering effect.
With gray eyes

Recommendations of wedding makeup for blondes with gray eyes meet the tips that are given to blue-eyed. So use all the tricks and details of wedding make-up to look perfect and irresistible for her own wedding. Just take a few additional moments that give professional makeup artists. You will find below:

Choose for complexion perfection powder with a pinkish tinge.
Take the blue shadows, blue or gray tones.
Vividly emphasize the eyebrow line.


Wedding makeup for blondes with gray-blue eyes that occasionally make-up artists compared to the chameleon, differs in that it does not accept the shades of pink and green. It is also not recommended too much black eyeliner that will make them more expressive in the evening, but in daylight the color will simply overload the face. Keep the focus on your beautiful eye color or on your lips, then eyes will be just tender.


Wedding makeup for blondes with green eyes is one of the most beautiful and unusual, because the natural beauty of these girls is already attracting glances. You should carefully follow all the recommendations of professionals, allowing you to emphasize and highlight key points in this makeup. Follow competent advice, which you will find below and get a perfect image of a beautiful bride with a rare green tinge to the eye.

It is important to choose blush, paying attention to your natural skin color. If you have tanned skin, it would be appropriate blush with a brown tint, and if the skin is light with peach.
Prefer the shade from a warm range of brown, gold, taupe colors.
Exclude from the personal Arsenal of a cosmetic shade from the range of blue, blue and pink shades. The color of this accessory, worn on the neck, also to distract attention away from the eyes.
Paint the lashes with brown mascara. The same goes for eye liner with the eyebrow pencil.
Bridal makeup lips, painted bright lipstick that will look very appropriate.

With brown eyes

Brown eye color creates a very beautiful contrast with blond hair. It is also considered a very rare natural phenomenon. Those eyes look very expressive and attract all the attention, emphasizing the mysterious depth of your gaze. Doing wedding makeup for blondes with brown eyes, it is important to accentuate the eyes, but everything else should not be flashy and bright. Below to fully understand the rules of make-up that will help you to create the perfect image.

The tone for a perfect and even complexion, use only natural shades with a rather thin texture.
For the base on the eyelids preferred shade of peach shades are also a good idea to use a Golden-brown. In the wedding makeup you are perfect shade of pale purple, gold green, chocolate or olive scales.
Use brown or black mascara.
Lips not much highlight, choose a color from pink shades.

As you already understood, wedding makeup for blondes has its own rules and nuances, thanks to which you will be able to create the perfect image of unique beauty. Yes, not an easy task – to skillfully use the secrets of makeup artists who create make-up professionally and perfectly, however the below attached video tutorial, which will help you to perform it independently. And let the wedding day be perfect in everything, starting with make-up.

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