Wedding Makeup for Brown Eyes

Wedding is the Central event in the life of every girl, dreaming about it since childhood, therefore the desire to be in the way of compelling-beautiful bride is quite predictable and understandable. What is this image? Of course, fabulously beautiful dresses, elegant shoes, beautiful hairstyle, manicure and spectacular makeup.
Great success can be considered, if nature has endowed the bride expressive brown eyes, as wedding makeup for brown eyes allows you to use almost the entire color palette lady cosmetic bags, you only need to choose the right shades suitable to the festive dress of the bride and harmony with the overall style of the celebration.

How to prepare your skin for wedding makeup?

Before doing makeup for a wedding, you must carefully prepare for him the skin.

  • Particles of dead skin from the lips and face of the bride can be removed by using mild peeling procedure, and it must be done at least a week before the scheduled ceremony, because after peeling the skin requires mandatory restoration.
  • To accelerate restoration of the skin will help the use of quality moisturizers and cleansing masks from trusted manufacturers. Not worth the risk, using a completely new, unfamiliar makeup, even if it is very expensive: no one can guarantee that the bride will not develop an allergic reaction or individual intolerance of its individual ingredients.
  • At the same time and decided to do the eyebrow shaping, because otherwise you have to mask the inevitable irritation of the skin with a thick layer of Foundation, which can not affect the quality and makeup of the bride.

The color of the eyebrows should produce seven days prior to the wedding celebration: this is the time required to remove excess stain.

Wedding makeup for brunettes supposes the choice of shades intense shades of Golden, brown, purple, black, blue, silver and grassy colors with a shimmering effect.

The sequence of applying flickering shadows should be as follows: with a damp applicator shade lighter shade applied to the outer corner of the eyelid, the darker shade is on the inside.

Doing makeup with arrows, the bride should remember that the ideal option for black hair will be eyeliner, made by pencil in black only. With chestnut hair organically will look eyeliner hazel.

Makeup for brown-eyed blondes

  • Wedding makeup for blondes is shades of beige, lilac, blue, sand, green and pink shades. In order for the image of the bride turned out soft and romantic, should prefer shimmery shadows.
  • Upper lashes the brown-eyed brides-blondes usually paint two-three coats of mascara, and for painting the bottom is enough and one layer.
  • Yellow-orange eyeshadow palette unacceptable and in this case, since the ages, painted in orange or yellow hues can draw attention to minor defects of the eyelid skin and create an unfavorable impression of pain or fatigue.
  • The bride-blondes have to remember that in order to achieve the effect of tanned skin they never use a dark base under makeup: it will look ridiculous and unnatural.

How to do “smoky” makeup

To create a delicate and chaste image of the bride is best suited delicate wedding makeup (which stylists call smoky-eyes), which affects the smoothness of colors and blurred outlines. How to do it yourself?

We offer our readers step-by-step to get acquainted with the technique of this makeup.

  1. The first step is the toning of the upper and lower eyelids with the help of special corrective pencil (concealer), the color of which should ideally coincide with the natural skin color of our bridesmaid.
  2. On the edge of the upper eyelid contour with a pencil draw a clear line contour, which immediately soft shade with a brush made of natural wool.
  3. Now on all the upper eyelid (under the crease) apply a shade of dark shade and shade neatly.
  4. With the help of this gentle natural brush just above the feathering border of dark shadows (and the border) put the shade over a lighter shade, distributing them across a lifetime.
  5. A thin layer (almost to the brow line) on the eyelid shadow applied the lightest shade.
  6. Cilia of the upper eyelid is painted with several layers of black or colored mascara.
  7. The contour of the lower eyelid outline by means of special pencils.
  8. Just spent over a contour line is applied a small amount of shadow darker shade and produce a precise feather.

Purple wedding makeup

Makeup in purple tones is a fairly bold stylistic decision in regard to outfit of the bride. However, with proper and careful approach can achieve an absolutely stunning effect, because this makeup can adorn the bride and make her look not vulgar. The correct choice of colours and the sense of measures.

purple wedding makeup for brown eyes
How to choose the right shades for Bridal makeup in purple tones? This requires consideration of several factors: the color of the iris, hair color and skin color, that is, to determine the color type of appearance is part of our bride.

In order to make beautiful makeup in purple tones, a bride can be purchased already equipped with the decorative palette of shadows, consisting of two or three well harmonizing with each other colors.

Doing makeup in lilac tones, the bride should pay special attention to the careful preparation of the skin, cloaking all its possible defects, because the color purple is like no other able to emphasize the most minor errors: the tiny pimples, not enough flat surface or slight redness.

And now a small master class of creating purple wedding makeup:

  • Primarily on the face is applied a makeup base or primer.
  • After that, the area of the movable century applied to a special base under shadows decorative means to help them go more smoothly and make-up to give additional stability.
  • Lilac shade lighter hues start to impose in the direction from the inner corner of the eyelids to the middle. After that, from mid-century to its outer edges is applied in a darker shade. It is important to skillfully blend the transition boundary of different colors.
  • The crease of the eyelid and the space above it must be emphasized by silvery or light beige eyeshadow, creating a smoky effect blurred line.
  • Along the lash line on the lower eyelid, the purple shadow applied neat in a thin stripe, shading her gently. The strip should be thin so that it was not created impressions bruises under her eyes.
  • Wedding makeup for brown eyes will become more efficient, if done neat hands, beautifully highlighting the eye contour. In search of a unique image you can experiment, adding arrows of different shape, length and curvature.

Variations of wedding makeup for brides with brown eyes

Wedding makeup can be varied. We offer you several original and popular options used in the make-up of brides with brown eyes.

Makeup for romantic image

In this case, it is necessary to take the shade of dark gray, light gray or pinkish-lilac color.

  • On podbrovnogo area and inner corner of the eye shadow applied a light shade with sparkles of sequins.
  • From the centre of the eyelids to the outer corner applied the lilac shade and do a thorough shading.
  • The outer corner of the eyelid draw the shadow in dark gray.
  • The lower eyelid issue in a similar way.
  • For a brighter effect emphasize lower eyelid with a thin line using a contour pencil or eyeliner.
  • Applying mascara on the lashes definitely. The ink must be of good quality, and preferable water-resistant brand, since during such an emotional event like a wedding, the bride can not again to speak, tears. Unacceptable, if they will spoil the beautiful make-up.

This makeup is simple to do yourself.

Makeup in the Oriental style

Bright wedding makeup, made in Oriental style, adorn the girl with an outstanding temperament, accustomed to surprise everyone. Be aware that this make-up is suitable only for non-standard wedding outfit.

The image of the exotic Oriental beauty perfectly harmonious only in relation to brown-eyed brunettes. If brown-eyed bride blonde hair, this version of makeup is used just to make a beautiful accent on her eyes.

The upper eyelid is made dark shadows, and the area under the eyebrow apply shadow of the same color palette, but a lighter shade.

The main decoration of the Oriental makeup is spectacular arrow, which, when performed masterfully on the edge of the line of growth of eyelashes, can decorate either both eyelids or just the upper eyelid. Arrow must go beyond the outer corner of my eye, curving up beautifully.
Natural makeup

Natural makeup for wedding should be subordinated to a single goal: accentuating all the advantages of appearance of the bride, to create the impression of a complete lack of cosmetics on her face. For all its seeming simplicity of a natural makeup is a very serious preliminary work.

  • Colors of the makeup should be carefully considered, as it aims to not only blend in with the color type appearance of the bride, but also with her outfit, accessories and manicure.
  • Makeup for a natural makeup should be water resistant and can stand a very good quality.
  • The skin need to prepare for the application of natural makeup, since any defects would nullify all the efforts of the most skilful stylists. To do this a couple of weeks before the wedding requires the services of professional beauticians, making professional cleaning of the face and multiple sessions of massage.
  • Most young brides-to-light makeup is recommended, reducible to applying a small amount of Foundation, powder, mascara and a slight shimmer as the natural beauty of the young face almost needs no decorative cosmetics.
  • To learn how to make natural massage, just a video tutorial.

Brides often wonder, “how Much is wedding makeup?”. This question cannot have a definite answer since prices in different salons may vary significantly. The cost of a stylist is easiest over the phone, finding it on one of those websites on the Internet.

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