Advices for the Groom: What You Have to Do Before the Wedding

For some reason, decided that the wedding planning is the task of the bride. It turns out that a real man must also make some effort to be a real groom!

Important advices for the groom who wants to help the bride in wedding preparations, Often tips for the groom only contain tips for the day of the wedding. But planning a wedding together with the bride can be fun and enjoyable – just follow these ten tips to go smoothly.

Take responsibility – don’t let it go, don’t go on autopilot in preparation for your wedding.

Sit down with the bride and delegate tasks in planning your joint wedding. Take those tasks that are more interesting to you: for example, find a DJ, book a car, make a design invitations, or to settle financial issues with paying a prepayment for services ordered, etc. Go through the items on the preparation for the wedding and pick everything that you can do to be more involved. This is your wedding, too. Choose your photos, videos leading up to the wedding.

Keep your point – If you hate purple, but your future wife is dying – wants it in this color to decorate your wedding, talk to her heart to heart. Don’t say “No! This color will not!” Gently try to convey to her, to explain that with that color/colors/restaurant, you have a bad Association, you don’t like him. She needs you to be considered, it is not only her big day, and your (this is plain text say no:)).

Pamper your beloved, wedding planning is often exhausting. Invite her to a romantic dinner, take her for a massage, SPA treatment or plan a quiet evening at home just with each other. She’ll appreciate that you noticed her hard work and feel that it is valued for its efforts.

Be a mediator – Instead of taking all your relatives and friends addressed to the bride with their “helpful” advice and questions, ask them to talk to you.

Trip assistant – If you and your fiancee work full-time, you logically may not have enough time to complete the preparation of her wedding. Offer your beloved to engage someone from relatives or friends, and the best – wedding organizer who deals with this a lot more often, and more professionally than you. Lighten their fate.

Be a good listener – When your bride wants to talk, listen to her, support a warm word and a tender embrace. Planning a wedding is exciting, but also stressful. The bride needs to be confident that she made no mistake with the choice of a life partner. She really needs support during this period.

Do all men’s business – Take responsibility for your costume, stag, and other cases of the groom before she even has time to ask. Find out what you need to do and do it. Your beloved will be impressed and grateful for your gestures. Be sure to sign up for a manicure, pedicure, haircut and, if necessary, the design of the beard. With a light stubble, well go to drink beer, but do not go to the Registrar.

Give a gift to a bride – DIY bride on your wedding day or on the eve of a wedding gift. For example, if you have not planned a honeymoon, but you know the country of her dreams, buy a tour for your honeymoon.

Choose your best man wisely – ensure you choose the groomsmen are those who will properly represent you and be respectful to your bride, on whom you can rely on the assistance and support of the male.

Keep the romance – Not worth it too to drive the Bridal party and forget about your feelings for your beloved.The fact that she said Yes doesn’t mean you can forget about romance and courtship. Your future wife will appreciate your efforts!

Advices from experienced photographers

  • The belt on the pants should be! And preferably the same color as the shoes.
  • Pink shirt has no relation to gays.
  • At least once in your life, you can get a manicure, and not bad if it coincides with the wedding date. Enroll better informed!
  • 100 grams of cognac on the purchase (before purchase, before departure, before the registry office) for wimps, meet your fate in your right mind!
  • On the walk, often, a basket with sandwiches and juice are more necessary than a case of champagne.
  • The bachelor party is cool! But not the day before the wedding! A cool way to spend a SPA bachelor party, then not only you but also your friends will be with a good haircut, a manicure and rested. Moreover, it is not so ordinary, as to get drunk at the bar.
  • If you want to shave before the wedding, do it the night before, not the morning of the wedding.
  • Be sure to put in the inside pocket of his jacket for a handkerchief. Don’t ask why, just do it!
    If the wedding is in the winter – not globosa, buy your favorite white boots (or any other but warm, and the color of the dress).
  • Cufflinks are cool!
  • The boutonniere is pinned on the lapel of his jacket, not the pocket!
  • Boutonniere is also NOT zasovyvanie IN your POCKET!
  • Suit to buy for a wedding, but not to then at work you can wear.
  • The suit fabric should not wrinkle from from one movement.
  • Striped ties, circle speckled not the best choice. Better solid.
  • Very nice butterfly instead of a tie.
  • Neckerchief and sash is very cool!
  • Slim tie is skinny and slender, powerful guys better neckerchief.
  • NOT GRIMACE! men don’t go… emotions and antics are not the same.
  • Light makeup that conceals pimples and dark circles under the eyes, also has no relation to gays.
  • Oil blotting sheets definitely. Summer shooting twice.
  • Makeup for the irritation on the skin and sprinkle with hair lacquer – better once to go through it, than later life your wife will nag you at the wedding went disheveled.
  • And don’t try and break in to the restaurant directly from the Registrar’s office, will have time to eat anyway, and take a walk with your beloved and friends in such outfits when the occasion presented itself yet. (girls probably took the basket of sandwiches)
  • Winter wedding, put on your coat and make sure the wife is wearing a Cape.
  • Give the phone to the witness – bulging pockets of his pants, not paint.
  • Your friends should too decently dressed, and not acid t-shirts-jeans-flip flops to rain on your parade.
  • A black suit does not mean mourning. It is often black looks best.
  • Very cool combined pink groom shirt with pink flowers in the bride’s bouquet.
  • Smile during check-in looks much better than gloomy faces.
  • Don’t need to drink to the bottom of each toast and greeting, even if you really are asking.
  • If you hard to this day, think about the bride, it is doubly difficult.
  • Buy good socks and don’t wear your favorite adidas.
  • Cool antler belt need to buy to jeans to a club, under a suit – the simpler the better.
  • To say the photographer in the morning, “I do not like to be photographed” is not the best idea…but to force yourself to relax a bit — very useful.
  • Smoking walking every five minutes is not Gud, if the bride does not smoke, she will be nervous (understatement), besides precious minutes of walk to lose…
  • Show ring finger ring “fuck” is the same trivial, like “bride/groom at the palm”.
  • When choosing a limousine, pretend to be whatever guests were 2-3 people less than the nominal field, otherwise it will be very crowded.
  • In the summer you should put in the trunk of a car/limo at least 2-3 large bottles of drinking water, not soda.
  • A haircut for the week, not the day before the wedding! To sign up for earlier, but not to run on the last day. Better for earlier you should pick up the wizard, buyout haircut with a high quality and beautiful shape!!!
  • White socks is NOT cool, and not a holiday! Especially for the black shoes)



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