Boutonniere for Groom


Wedding boutonniere for groom

How much worry and anxiety brings about the upcoming wedding. Very touching and exciting to watch as the bride tries on a wedding dress. The groom with the suit a bit easier, no laces, veils, gloves and the like of wedding paraphernalia. Here only it is necessary to pick up the flower on the lapel or jacket pocket. Recently and it was absolutely no problem, you just have to choose artificial white flower, or rather three, for the two witnesses and the groom. Now approach it more seriously and artistically. You can call it a work of art, with its name – wedding boutonniere. Pin its not only the groom and witnesses, but sometimes the bride can decorate your corset, this sweet ornament.

What is boutonniere

“Boutonniere” means “buttonhole” is the literal translation from French. Usually it was a rose or a carnation. At different times they were worn by noblemen-revolutionaries, the representatives of the working class, idle dandy. But for the first time pinned the boutonniere on the lapel of his jacket wedding, Prince albert of England, and since then this fashion is firmly entrenched in the wonderful world of weddings. Although there is another version of this tradition: in Ancient Greece, the young man was pinned on the breast of the flower, when he married, and it was believed that it protected the bride from evil eyes.

Wedding boutonniere

Now use this the cutest wedding accessory, and is popular not only constantly, but also gained some ground rules. For example, if boutonniere wedding pins are some male guests, then it is for her, the ladies costs nothing to determine who is married and who is single. Men are married, pin the buttonhole from the right side, and not married, respectively from the left. The bride may wear a corsage on the bodice, on the skirt, or even pin it to the purse, if any. The witness, best to stick to the rules, and wear the boutonniere on the right side of the chest.

What is wedding boutonniere

Of course, it is primarily flowers, without them, this wonderful jewelry is not new. What flowers to choose, it’s sure to solve the bride and groom, but worth it for a start to know everything in detail. Most often in a boutonniere composed of the same flowers as in the bride’s bouquet, it certainly looks very good in the end, but a little boring. Witnesses and guests, nothing special no need to invent, their decorations should be in harmony with the bride’s adornments. But the groom’s boutonniere, consider giving a bit of personality. To do this, just need to remember everything we know about the colors. For example, we all know that there is a fine language of flowers, it is possible to make a groom’s boutonniere a Declaration of love. If the roses that will be in the bride’s bouquet, to add the blue forget-me-go violet, the language of flowers, it would mean “love and loyalty”. But also to get involved with one language of flowers is not necessary, because many members of the floral world may talk about love, but not all of them wedding. You can contact a professional florist, to explain to him what feelings should Express the composition what colors are preferred, and to be sure that everything will work out. And you can dream up, of course, when you have free time, and make this miracle with your own hands.

Groom’s boutonniere handmade

The most important thing is to choose a flower fresh, preferably cut, this will ensure that the buttonhole will have a fresh appearance throughout the wedding. Not an experienced grower should choose, given the simple rules. If the base of the flower soft, the flower plucked not today, but on the contrary, if this is what you need. By choosing the flower, make him drink plenty of water, for this you need to deliver it, at least, half an hour in the water, but first, a little re-cut the stem. After the flower is fed with water, take the pruning shears as scissors will crush the stem, and cut it, leaving only a few centimeters, about two, three. Now, if the flower is very bulky, it is necessary to reduce it by removing some of the upper petals, careful not to crumble the main part. Take a wire, not very thick, better floral, and insert it at the base of the stem. Wire length, simulating the stem, should be ten inches, cut the rest. Take floral tape and wrap it a wire, not touching the leaves of a flower. Then, from that basis, you can create your own personal miracle. Add ribbons, beads, tulle and other decorative elements, your imagination will tell you everything. Mix and match colors, but do not forget about harmony. And to give the wire an interesting shape, like a coil, you just wrap it on a pen or pencil. If you make a buttonhole in advance, making it, pack in foil, and the stem will lower into the water.

How to fix boutonniere

To pin a boutonniere best regular pin, but it is not the only option. If everything is prepared in advance, then you can sew it with several stitches. This must be done by the witnesses, but the groom’s boutonniere can furnish according to their traditions.

Wedding ceremony with buttonhole

If you want to do everything in accordance with tradition, it was originally prepared for the groom’s boutonniere should be the bride. The bride can pin it to your toilet. And only after the groom passes all the tests, and will purchase a bride, symbolizing their love and Concord, the bride attaches boutonniere to the jacket of the groom. Harmony with the boutonniere with the bride’s bouquet, let me stress once again the unity of hearts matching pair. You can do it all under the beautiful lyrical melody, surrounded by friends and matron of subsequent applause.

In the most important and happy days of life, you want everything to be beautiful and fabulous. Every moment, even the most fleeting, should be beautiful and amazing. Paying attention to every detail, you will ensure treasured memories for years of life together.

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