How to Choose a Wedding Shirt

A very important day – your wedding is quickly approaching. And you, like any man, you want to look your best, right? Today you have great opportunity to choose the original or the classic shirt among the many stylish options of shirts for wedding.

Linen wedding shirts

Shirts made of linen are one of the popular options for a wedding. These shirts are made of breathable fabric which allows air to circulate freely. Linen shirts are comfortable and nice body. They are presented in different styles. Keep in mind that a linen shirt is very easy to “marinade”. Perhaps, this is their only drawback.

Silk wedding shirts

Silk shirts for wedding light and comfortable to wear. These shirts are made of 100% silk or from a mixture of silk with other fabrics. Although the preferred method of care for the shirts – the cleaning, most silk shirts can be washed in the washing machine. Silk shirts are presented in bright colors and in classic version, and even with different patterns. The groom, who prefers silk shirt, by nature, cheerful personality, fashionable and are able to vary.

Grooms shirts colors

Usually for wedding choose a shirt of the white color. Yes, it’s almost a win-win situation. However, if the bride or the bridesmaids won’t be dressed in dresses of cream color against your white shirts, their outfits will look rough and even “dirty”. Keep this in mind when choosing a shirt for the wedding. Instead of the classic white shirt, look to the one wearing a grayish-beige or ivory.

What length should be wedding shirt?

If you plan to tuck the shirt into the pants, then the option of a long chemise is ideal. A long shirt will not “jump” and create a ridiculous appearance. Men’s shirts with a longer tail are the most convenient option for weddings. But if you can’t stand to tuck them into pants, you should pay attention to the short variant of the shirts.

The style of the collar

No matter you are dressed in a Tux or nice suit, we recommend you to pick up a shirt with English collar. This type of collar looks equally great with a bow tie and long tie. If you decide to choose a shirt for the Tux, pay attention to collar with curved corners, but keep in mind that this collar tends to move from the place that brings additional inconvenience (you’ll have to constantly correct).

Cuff: with cufflinks or buttoned

It all depends on the formality of the event. In case you are getting married somewhere in the castle, you have a magnificent wedding, you should choose a shirt with French cuffs (with cuff links). If you dressed in a tuxedo, French cuffs are just the perfect option. Perhaps you have cufflinks, a family heirloom or a gift from someone special that you would like to wear on this auspicious day – do not deny yourself the pleasure. Shirts for weddings with buttoned cuffs, of course, a frequent phenomenon. Because it is comfortable, practical and looks pretty good. You decide.

Do not choose a wedding shirt with pockets. They make the shirt casual and less formal.

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