Wedding Tie, Bow Tie or Neckerchief. What to choose?

Among the variety of men’s accessories so it’s hard to choose the one, which will become the final chord of the elegant image of the bride. Brightly coloured or discreet plain tie, elegant butterfly or foppish neckerchief? Choosing a modern man, keeping up with the times?

Tie for the groom

Some useful tips when choosing a wedding tie:

  • The most important rule men’s stylish image – the tie of good expensive fabric, which will emphasize the dignity of appearance of a true gentleman. An exclusive accessory made of natural hair or of high quality silk and has a fine range of shades and colors.
  • Make sure that the product was proportional. When tying the tie fabric does not have to slide and get out, and the edges in any case and should not be difficult to spin. If the tie so proves, then this suggests that the accessory was cut out and sewed, not following the most basic rules.
  • Be sure to try on the tie, it is combined not only with the texture of the suit fabric and its coloring, but also with your looks. Wide or narrow, long or short – the options are many, and each one will find its owner who will add a touch of elegance.

Bow Tie for the groom

Tuxedo or tailcoat dress uniform coats, so a tie here would be inappropriate. To complement formal evening outfit can only be the classic bow tie. Butterfly has gained its popularity even in the nineteenth century, and is the perfect accessory for a wedding celebration.
Unlike the usual tie, tie cannot be worn under any suit. There are some rules: wear a black bow tie to the tuxedo and the white – tailcoat.

This tradition came to us from the British, who, by inviting to the reception, indicate “black tie” or “white tie”. If you specify black tie, need to wear a tuxedo and white – tailcoat.

To represent the gentleman, the butterfly is to tie yourself rather than buying ready. It is desirable that the tie was silk or velvet, ceremonial accessory of this material looks more elegant.

Neckerchief for the groom

For grooms who are tired of classic and common types of neckties, suit neckties

They can be combined with a coat, and suit. It is also very advantageous shawl would look with a vest, creating a romantic look that’s perfect for such a celebration.

Traditionally he tied a big knot and makes fun pin, but thanks to modern fashion there are many ways to tie a scarf.

The most extravagant will look scarf made of silk.

This mens stylish accessory will attract the attention of others, so a scarf is perfect for the confident bride.

Having enough free cut, original article of clothing does not cause discomfort and does not compress the neck. In combination with a suit of unusual design beautiful scarf will be a bright accent for men’s.

From all variety of accessories for men every man will find the one, without which the image of the groom seemed somehow unfinished and incomplete.

Decide whom you would like to be in her wedding day, a strict gentleman in a tie, a romantic dandy with a scarf or a fashionable gentleman with a solemn bow tie. And remember, any accessory should be in harmony with your appearance, emphasizing its advantages.


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