Country Wedding Dresses

Wild, wild West
If you are not afraid to depart from stereotypes and want to feel convenience and comfort throughout your wedding ceremony, then country wedding dress will be an excellent option for you. Such a dress will be simple cut. For example, it can be a wide skirt and loose top.
The first Association with the word “country” is denim, fringe, lacing and hat. All this can be easily implemented in your wedding outfit! Learn more about simple wedding dresses for pregnant bride.

What applies to the country?
Contrary to expectations, the direction includes not only models of cotton fabrics with ruffles. There are all possibilities to be equally suitable:
– summer sundress
– model dress, just made a few lighter than usual
– options of any length – from ultra-short to Maxi, the loop
– straight fit, curvy, trimmed with flounces
– transparent lace with straps.
As you can see, buy wedding dress country can under any preferences and desires. Only from the bride, her chosen design of the event depends on how it will look in the outfit.
The basis of images must lie the simplicity and rustic roughness. The girl should abandon elegant dresses with lots of lace, “mermaids” and “princesses”. It is best to choose the silhouette with a flowing skirt made of thick material – cotton, gabardine or linen. Good option – direct wedding dress. It is suitable for all brides.
Perfect color – milky, and the length – to ankle or knee, most importantly, to be comfortable.

What distinguishes it is dresses country style from others? Let’s see how is created this style and accessories.
Have you ever seen a cowboy with a fringe? That’s a real country style, fringe adds a touch of authenticity to any outfit. So why not have her on your wedding dress? The fringe along the waistline, on the sleeves (if any), or anywhere you like, you can turn your ordinary wedding dress in dress in country style!
Nothing associated with the style of country and Western as denim. If you see a man or woman dressed in a denim shirt, pants, jacket or vest, willing to bet one of the first thoughts that arise in your head, cowboy, music, etc. Right? Well, the use of denim in various colors for wedding dresses is not something impossible. As we all know, wedding dresses can be used a variety of fabrics, so why not embody the image of a bygone era into your wedding?
Else that brings us back to that time, corsets. From the Victorian era to the days of the wild West corsets distinguished women of the aristocratic class with their incredible waists. Real and decorative corsets will give your wedding dress a country style spirit of those times.
And these are just some ideas with which you can work. Try wearing a tiara of daisies instead of a veil or move away from the traditional dress of virgin white and experiment with other colors. Or even refuse the wedding dress and go down the aisle in jeans and cowboy boots! Nothing limits you, it’s Your day so spend it the way You want!
Before you finally decide, review the collections of famous salons, studios and designers. In them you will see the following ideas:
Denim top. Models for these scamps and lady, does not tolerate hard conditions! Add jute, a shirt, a full skirt and you’ll hit the applause of the guests!
– Lace. Many laces does not happen, especially if you’re looking for a real wedding dress in country style. Good models have a double skirt (translucent plus dense). A number of decisions suggests a top in the same design.
– Long sleeve or Cape. Even the most simple dress is easy to “remake” the country, adding a top with sleeves, a Cape or (for the season) shawl.
– Corsets. The style of the wild West hints at the femininity, tenderness, fragility, and it is easy to emphasize the bodice, clear form.
Look at the models designer Victoria Spirina from the collections of Sand in my shoes and Atlantis models for outdoor celebrations, painting on the coast (Flos Florum). Flowing silhouettes, high quality machining, turning cotton cloth into a work of art that will please every level of performance things.

Emphasis on details:
– If you choose the dress according to the type of dress, then it will go perfectly thin velvet belt tied under the bust.
– Legs decorate the boots, rubber or farmhouse style.
– Head – on is to wear womens cowboy or straw hat. It will be interesting to look a bride with a short veil, carelessly poking out from under the headgear.
– Hair it is best to collect up and little mess. If it’s a hat, it is beautiful to dissolve them.
– The style of “country” allows the slug to powder my nose, Rouge my cheeks, cover lips with pale blue lipstick, and apply to the eyelids with a beige shade. Importantly, there were no sequins and causing colors – blue, purple, Golden.
– From jewelry practically nothing required, just tie on neck with a thick metal (not gold and not silver) chain, attach the ears are large clips and leather bracelet.
– And the last accessory is the bride’s bouquet which should be made of modest colors. You can use hydrangeas, daisies, violets, dilute Basil, lemon balm and other herbs from the field. Welcome cornflowers, lavender, wheat ears and straw.

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