Ivory Wedding Dresses

Magic wedding dresses ivory color
According to fashion critics, the most beautiful bride in the history of Europe was the incomparable grace Kelly. Her outfit ivory embroidered lace and natural pearls – the sample of style and exceptional taste. This delightful color is called ivory (eng. ivory — ivory). Jacqueline Bouvier (Jackie Kennedy), Nicole Kidman, Pink, Ivanka trump got married in dresses of different shades of ivory. Noble and rich color of the XIX century came to wedding fashion. It is considered to be a classic along with white. Learn more about casual winter wedding dresses.

5 Advantages ivory wedding dresses
Choosing the hue of wedding dress, many brides tend to be the usual white. But ivory has advantages over milk and snow tones.
– First of all, it perfectly sets off both light and covered with tanning the skin, giving the natural whiteness of the teeth.
– Secondly, the wedding dress of such shade will make even curvy figure look more slender, elegant and graceful.
– Thirdly, dress in the ivory color looks more noble, elegant and refined than its white counterpart.
– Fourth, the palette is ivory looks great in all the design of the ceremony, from wedding dresses and accessories the bride and the decorations of the hall.
– Fifth, the color of ivory in any incarnation is perfect for a photo shoot. The bride in this dress looks more sophisticated and sweetly surrounded by the magical effect of depth and sensuality that the game creates natural shadows and the shimmering glare.
The models wedding dresses A-line from FARLETTA and LANESTA the finest shades and modulations create is filled with solemnity and tenderness image, exquisite lace on the bodice to the smooth skirt make it solemn and impressive.
If a white wedding dress expresses purity, innocence and shyness, a wedding dress ivory has become a symbol of fulfilled dreams.

The richness of the palette
Ivory for centuries, been an expensive material. A wedding dress with similar color gives the image of aristocracy and sophistication. If white represents innocence and purity, ivory – a symbol of hopes and dreams. Yellowish gamma, according to the signs, will bring into the house of the newlyweds prosperity and well-being. Developed intellect, leadership qualities, courage is distinguished ladies who prefer warm milk scheme. The color is “demanding”, the fabric and the quality of the outfit needs to be flawless. Read more about amazing wedding dresses Irish lace here. Vintage style will fit perfectly in a warm range of shades of ivory. The depth of the palette accentuate the luxurious fine lace, embroidery. Soft draping, sheer panels look particularly feminine. Winning look jacquard fabrics, materials with printed pattern. Very important is the interesting texture of the fabric. To wedding and wedding dress, ivory color is easy to pick up interesting combinations. Excellent with warm shades looks gold. Bright accents: Burgundy, blue, emerald, orange also in perfect harmony with the ivory color.

Shades of wedding dresses “Ivory”
Ivory is a versatile palette of shining iridescence, but it is possible to distinguish 6 basic colors.
Peach – warm and tender fruit color, powdery and refined.
Brown – strict, similar to the shade iced coffee. In the model LA PETRA ANGEL its complement lace color cream and translucent mother-of-pearl buttons.
Beige is close to the skin, and in combination with bright lace trim adds a seductive Nude.
Pink – filled with salmon shades, adds elegance and romance, as, for example, in a wedding dress LA PETRA MIRABEL with fine ornaments lace on the bodice and layered skirt.
Cream – filled yellowish notes, creating the game of sunlight on the delicate matter of dress.
Paper – similar to a white shade, but have delicate pearly tints, as in the model of LA PETRA CAMILLA with elegant and graceful pleats and floral pattern.
Ivory — “three-dimensional” color and its undertones, you should pick up for the bride, according to its color type. To determine the perfect shade only possible when fitting.
Dresses with a yellowish tint are great dark-skinned and dark-haired girls. Brides with a transparent, very fair skin should look for cool tones. Peach and pink ivory are considered universal colors.
Important! Exquisite shade will not tolerate the incarnation in cheap fabrics. They devalue the whole beauty of a cut and color, making the image dull and expressionless. In contrast, the luxurious quality of matter color will help to open up, enveloping the figure of the bride’s luxury and elegance.
It is necessary to consider the entire color scheme of the image and style of the wedding. The choice of color ivory for the dress and decor allows you to enjoy a luxury celebration in the European style, as it will be easy to choose decorations for the hall and dining items.
Bridesmaids should pay attention to the evening dress of emerald color. They set off the bride’s image and will harmonize perfectly with them on photo and video.

The secrets of flower arranging
The choice of bouquet depends on the shade of the outfit. This important accessory completes the look. It must look good on photos. Beige shade suitable flowers to match the dress, such as orchids. A wonderful bouquet will turn from pale blue hydrangeas, orange roses or dahlias. Cream outfit set off the purple roses bouquet in lilac or lavender tones. Cold ivory with brown paper and notes requires a muted purple, blue elements of the bouquet. Harmonious combination of white, green and yellow orchids. From bright colors looks beautiful fuchsia, dark-red roses. Ivory with a pinkish tint allows you to select the bouquets of cold and warm tones. Roses of coral, crimson or purple will look equally beautiful. Peach to ivory, you can choose plants with grey-blue shades, yellow and brown, with accents of pink or orange.
A classic option for interior decoration in the style of ivory are considered as peony roses or peonies. Gentle look tea roses. Elegant and expensive – live orchids.

How to choose jewelry accessories and jewelry depends on the style of dress. For ivory ideal floral motifs in jewelry. They make the image soft. Tiaras and tiaras accentuate femininity. Important in the selection of decoration is the hue of the dress.
With the cold tones of ivory looks better silver color metal. Interesting combination of turquoise stones, delicate lilac and purple tones. With warm shades of outfit in perfect harmony Golden. Bright accents: emerald, Magenta, coral look especially advantageous.
You should carefully choose the jewelry with cubic Zirconia and Swarovski crystals. They are more suitable for cold shades of ivory. With warm cream tones perfectly matched pearls milky or yellowish color.
What “complicated” dress in style, decor and materials, the less ornaments it requires. For example, to direct, restrained addition of thick fabric you can pick earrings with bright stone.

Shoes are important
For a dress of ivory color fit feminine shoes. Shoes, decorated with rhinestones, pearls, leather or textile flower will fit perfectly in a touching image of the bride. Stylish will look great pair of shoes to match the dress. A short dress or a model with an asymmetrical hem you can pick up open sandals. You should pay attention to the shades of gold.

The choice of color suit the groom
No less scrupulously you should choose the suit for the groom. With ivory wonderful blend of olive, gray, brown shades. To dress with a beige shade perfectly fit suit in tonal anthracite, coffee. Unusual, but is effectively combined with the ivory color purple-grey tone. With a creamy blend dress: mocha, coffee, cappuccino. Cool shade of bride’s attire requires muted and subdued colors. Wet asphalt, pebble, purple-gray – an appropriate palette for the groom’s suit. Some muted shades of ivory (for example, paper) you can pick up a black suit for the groom. A softer combination will become gray and bluish-gray.
A wonderful and stylish accent can be a boutonniere in the buttonhole of the groom’s suit. It complements and supports the style of the bride’s bouquet. This small detail will emphasize the thoughtfulness and integrity of the image.
Browse the latest collections of the Royal ivory never goes out of fashion. In recent collections, a lot of outfits for the wedding of shades of ivory. Dominated by dresses made of guipure lace fabric. The majority of these styles mermaid with soft, flowing skirt. Among the fans of the Lebanese brand Zuhair Murad: Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Taylor swift. The collection of wedding dresses spring-summer 2017, the designer presented several models of ivory. Of the main nuances dresses ivory can be distinguished: a large number of voluminous lace; a long veil to match the outfit; the scattering of the textile colors on the dress and the veil; a rich embroidery cream color.
For wedding models Zuhair Murad characteristic: a weightlessness and finesse. This is achieved through the abundance of transparent fabrics. All the dress length to the floor.
Memorable among the latest creations of the brand can be noted and long dresses with open back. American brand Sareh Nouri also presented in the latest collection of outfits in the shade of ivory. Designers offer to sew clothes made from fishnet fabric. In the case of Nude color dresses look seductive, elegant. Simple styles are complemented with interesting and unusual details. Video model, made entirely of lace cloth, decorated with smooth transparent top skirt. It goes from a thin belt at the waist. The front of the upper skirt is not sewn, left a deep cut from the waist. Rear is formed a beautiful weightless plume. Represented in the collection model, backless, low-cut or sheer long sleeves. Interesting models for 2017 was launched Angele Keveza. Dresses made of shiny, thick enough fabric. Long skirt blends beautifully with a fitted simple bodice. Waist accented by a wide lace waistband. A boat neckline gives the simple elegance of the outfit. The second version of the model with bustier bodice and asymmetrical hem. Some of the products thick fabric is made much dekolirovaniya bodice and flared skirt. On top of the upper transparent layer is a dress of the finest lace. The waist thin elegant belt.
Extremely feminine model presented in this collection. Bodycon dress made from textured fabric ivory hugs the figure to mid-thigh. The skirt is very lush and multi-layered. It is sewn of sheer tonal tulle. In color ivory creates wedding dresses Vera Wang, recognized worldwide, designer the incredible beauty of dresses for brides. Women from Asian countries is sure to be an interesting article about Muslim wedding dresses. Subtle shades of ivory will help to create an unusual and elegant bride image. The richness of the color palette allows you to choose the best option dresses for each girl. For a stylish wedding celebration using the ivory you need to consider not only the details of the dress of the bride, but the groom’s suit, the decorations of the interior.

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