Muslim Wedding Dresses 

The holding of celebrations on the occasion of the marriage often depends not only on personal preferences of the spouses, but also from centuries-old traditions and culture of marriage among people, especially when it comes to their religion. Muslim wedding, of course, very different from the usual for most not related to this religion, weddings, but it does not mean that they are uninteresting or boring. Read more about vintage gothic wedding dresses.
The same applies to the image of the bride of the Muslim faith. What are Muslim wedding dresses?
Muslim wedding dresses: features
Mainly among families there are two kinds of weddings. First, we let us denote “girls – separately, boys – separately.” While women are invited to a celebration, celebrate with the bride and men the groom in different rooms. In this case, the bride’s wedding dress-Muslim women is no different from the European because foreign men will not see it. Here you and low-necked dresses and open shoulders, skirts to the knees – as is the wish of the bride. The only thing a Muslim woman is not made excessively expose your body even among women, so supershort mini you can hardly see. At weddings of wealthy people among the Muslims demand the charming and very elegant wedding dress Arabic designer Elie Saab.
But there is now increasingly gaining momentum, and the second option is a wedding Muslim – joint, when women and men celebrate the marriage of the young together. In this case, the wedding dress of Muslim style must meet the requirements of “hijab”. This means that the girl’s entire body except the face and hands should be covered with clothing, and the dress should not be tight or transparent, bright or too much decorated.
But this does not mean that this outfit will be absolutely faceless.

What designers can diversify the Muslim wedding dress?
1. Traditionally the wedding dresses in the Arab and Muslim style made of light fabrics. But not necessarily it has to be white! Your choice of beige, pink, blue, Golden, silver, cream colors of wedding outfits. If you want to choose a dazzling white outfit, it can be a little bit to revive the colorful beaded embroidery in an Oriental style, or pearls, colored rhinestones, bow, ribbons or panels of a fabric of a different shade.
2. The main difference between Muslim outfits is in the rigor of their cut. They should be long to the floor, with a closed neck and long sleeves, not in a formfitting silhouette. That’s why in honor of the lush costumes, as well as direct from nestratova fabrics such as chiffon or satin. Many designers used in the decor of these outfits handmade items – embroidery with gold, silver thread, beads, sequins, bugle beads, etc. All decorated with a wedding dress and turns it into the most genuine and quite costly work of art.
3. Many Muslim girls buy outfit European style (but certainly not short and not fitting) and poddevat under him Golf tonal or up dress dress wedding Bolero jacket long sleeve.
4. In accordance with the requirements of Islam the bride’s head needs to be covered. Therefore, a great demand for outfits in which package is included headpiece to match the dress and veil. This headpiece is also fully dressed and with his help the image of the bride becomes complete.
There are two options for weddings: the bride is celebrating the day surrounded by female and male surrounded by men.
In this case, dress for the main event can be absolutely anything, even in Europe, because foreign men do not see woman in a beautiful outfit that will emphasize her beauty.
In this case, the bride can choose a beautiful decorated, but not overly open, because a Muslim is not accepted to bare his body, even with women.
Also there is another option of celebrating this day together-that is, the evening will take place surrounded by both men and women.
if the version of the holiday is that the bride must wear a dress in the Muslim style, which will correspond to the requirements of “hijab”.
So, ladies body except the face and hands should be covered with clothing, and the outfit should not fit figure and emphasize her tasty spots.
The main difference between Muslim dresses from others is the severity of the cut, so the dress should be long to the floor, with a closed neckline and sleeves, covering the hands.
It should be noted that in special favor lush styles, as well as models of the direct, but nestratova fabrics, for example chiffon or satin.
In addition, under the rules, the head of the bride should not be opened, so you should choose a headgear or a veil.
It should be noted that some models of wedding dresses already come with a veil or headdress.
The headpiece is beautifully decorated, making the bride looks exquisite and delicate.
In fashion still remain stylish traditional and elegant patterns that will highlight the incredible beauty of the bride, while not exposing the body, but just highlighting the way.
In fashion will dress in the European style, but not too revealing, for example, the bride may choose a fitted and cropped silhouette, which are open to all innermost for her men.
If the chosen dress in the European style, be sure to add decorative wrap or Bolero that will cover the bride’s hands and with a handkerchief of silk, which is decorated by various embroideries.
In fashion will also be layered chiffon outfits, which are so unusual for Muslim women.
Their niche in the season is a strict Muslim dresses, which emphasize modesty, loyalty and most importantly, obedience of the bride to her husband.
That dress didn’t seem too strict, simple and unattractive, it decorate the original accessories that complement the image, but in any case do not make it vulgar or vulgar.
Special attention deserves the decoration of the head. So, to decorate uses a headpiece or veil, but this accessory should not be decorated with excessive amounts of rhinestones and accessories, because of excessive jewelry is unacceptable for Muslim women.
Lush Muslim wedding dresses valid as at the wedding in the presence of men and women, and in the conduct of separate celebrations, but the models differ dramatically, because, as already noted, surrounded by women, the bride can choose a dress in the European style, in the presence of all the guests that is unacceptable.
Lush models are ideal slender Muslim women, as well as those whose figure is a little heavy in the lower part, because this dress allows you to hide a deficiency.

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