Pakistani Wedding Dresses

In Pakistan, according to tradition, brides wear red wedding dresses. But modern girls are choosing other colors for your outfit. And since the wedding lasts for several days, the dresses of the bride to be several.

Pakistani wedding dresses
Lehenga and gharar become the basis for a wedding dress. Wedding lehenga includes heavy dupatta long double skirt Lenga. Modern designers produce gowns with gold and silver tints. Trends, cuts and styles of wedding dresses have varied from year to year. Learn more about preowned wedding dresses reviews.

Today many women prefer to wear lehenga on top Harary.
Many famous designers work tirelessly to give the dresses a stylish and luxurious look, suitable to the needs and demand of modern brides, because the wedding dress choice for Pakistani incredibly important. Brides want to look perfect on the wedding ceremony, but in addition, designers are working to a wedding dress fit the personality of the bride, her figure and complexion.
Nowadays many designers working on a variety of forms of wedding outfit. Long skirt Lenga is a fashionable trend. Lang-the little mermaid and a short choli (blouse), a spacious lehenga and short Kurti (tunic) is also trendy combination for a wedding. But in addition to the actual cut and color attention is paid to the materials from which made the details of the wedding costume, and decoration.

Decorations and colors
Pakistani wedding dresses decorated with sequins, patchwork technique, stones, embroidery zardozi and kundan jewelry. Neither the bride will not risk buying cheap or ugly simple wedding dress, very attentive to him even her parents.
The traditional color for this ceremony is considered red. Wedding gharar, lehenga saris red are always the center of attention for Pakistani brides. Fashion designers focusing on innovative and unique design to meet the fashion requirements of the time.
Modern outfits for weddings in Pakistan is very stylish, attractive and impressive.

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