Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Stylish wedding dresses plus sizes
“Appetizing” girl since childhood, are taught that white fat, which means that all bright colors should be deleted from the wardrobe. But what about the most important outfit in a woman’s life – her wedding dress? Just look at wedding dresses large size photo in the catalog online store “Burlesque” and you will understand that fat is not so much color, how much a poorly chosen style of dress. The advice of stylists will help any girl to look irresistible in white dress the bride. Learn more about beautiful pakistani wedding dresses.

How to choose plus size wedding dresses?
“Every full girl own way to gain weight,” said one Haruki Murakami, a big lover of lush female form. Consequently, pick a wedding dress should take into account the characteristics of the shape. Flipping through fashion magazines, first pay attention to wedding and holiday dresses large size photo, which pose a model with a similar body type.
An impartial study of the advantages and disadvantages of your own shapes in the illustrative example tells brides how to choose wedding dresses for the fuller figure to order, can hide problem areas and emphasize the dignity of magnificent forms using the elements and color accents. Want to shift attention with an oversized waist for a luxurious bust? I advise you to buy a wedding dress for the fuller figure with accentuated V-neck or a neckline: glitter sparkles and seductive flutter of flounces automatically focuses views on mouth-watering chest.
The easiest way to find wedding dresses large sizes custom made for girls with a strong constitucionales affiliation. Nature gave you a figure of Venus de Milo, concentrating extra inches in the hips? Trapeze dress with a full, layered skirt made especially for you!
The figure of type “Apple” with a protruding tummy in the background of weakly expressed waist look very spectacular wedding and evening dresses for the fuller figure in the Empire style, captured by a wide belt just below the breast.
Balance athletic silhouette with massive shoulders and narrow hips will help a classic Princess dress: the contrast of the corset facilitates, easy capes, Bolero and a skirt on crinoline visually reduces the upper body. You can also buy a party dress casual sheath asymmetrical topline: wide oblique halter or a cut of the “mermaid” with one bare shoulder further narrows the shoulders.

Buy wedding dresses in plus sizes
Online shop “Burlesque” ready to help the bride, maid of honor and bridesmaids bride and groom in a delicate matter of choice of looks. We sell exclusive wedding gowns and trendy evening dresses from the American and Russian designers custom made with possibility of fitting the selected models in comfortable for a customer time. The friendly and discreet consultants will advise you how to most effectively present your beauty.
It is important to understand that completeness is not the same, and wedding dresses for full girls should be chosen taking into account the individual type of figure.

Silhouette a-line(a-line)
Dress, the skirt of which has a C shape And extending from the waist to the floor. The ideal model wedding dresses for full-figured type “pear”. This model will emphasize your waist and disguise wide hips. A variation of this style with a corset top and a bustier bodice, often referred to in catalogs of wedding dresses like a Princess.

The style of “Empire”
Dress with high waist and flowing from the breast long skirt suit curvy ladies, especially with the figure of type “O” (Apple) and “rectangle”. This style is also recommended when selecting wedding dresses for really fat women. Empire, or the Greek “silhouette” will mask the full waist and hips, focusing on your face and beautiful Breasts

The style “mermaid”
Contrary to popular belief that “mermaid” like other skinny models wedding dresses for full contraindications, some curvy girls look irresistible in it. Usually, this lucky figure type “hourglass” – full hips and Breasts with a relatively narrow, pronounced waist. The secret is to choose the dress, “mermaid tail”, that is, the extension of the skirt which starts from the middle bedry or slightly above, but in any case not below the knee. Also this dress will definitely need spanx to visually pull up the tummy and sides

Short dresses
Wedding dresses for fat women does not have to be floor-length. A young girl, with slender legs and a moderate fullness in the upper part of the body, it can afford to cut shorter, for example knee-length or slightly below.
Style short wedding dresses for fat most often chosen “the Greek” with a high waist – it will fit almost any figure. Choose a slightly less close fit with skirts type “pencil” or “Tulip” – they can afford a moderately full with a pronounced waist. If you want to open your legs, you can also choose a dress with a cascading skirt front short and back long.

Despite the popularity of colored wedding dresses, most brides still choose white. However, the white so many shades and it is important to dress in harmony with your color type:
– “winter” (dark hair and light porcelain skin) will go snow-white, silver gray and pale pink
– blondes “cold” type with light eyes you can choose white dresses with hints of grey and blue
dark brunettes can afford Golden and red hues
– red-haired bride will be irresistible in cream and white dress with a hint of lilac
– brunette with grey eyes, fit milk, plum and green shades
Tip: If the wedding is supposed to celebrate in the open air, it is preferable to choose a dress not kipelno-white, and shades of “ivory”, “milk” or “champagne”.
In conclusion, a few tips for choosing wedding dresses large size
Wedding dress for full figure will look great, provided that the bride is characterized by high growth.
If you have large hands, choose a dress with sleeves, can be transparent. Fits almost any styles other than “lantern”. But long gloves full brides to wear is not recommended – they just accentuate the fullness of the arms. To further disguise the full shoulders through the jacket.
The bodice and neckline of a dress must emphasize the bust. However, the styles “bustier”, i.e. sleeveless and strapless, is contraindicated for ladies with broad shoulders and overly large Breasts. Also, when such proportions are undesirable model with one halter. Will fit dress with V-neckline and wide straps.
In order to divert attention from full hips, and to focus on the chest, choose a dress with an open top, with rhinestones and decorative trim at the bodice. To emphasize a beautiful chest and neck you can also use a large necklace or pendant.
Choosing a dress, avoid models with bows, embroidery, sequins and motifs. Avoid styles with cross lines, cut at the waist with belts. But the longitudinal seams or lines on the dress will visually make you slimmer and taller. Draping on the dress also distract attention from problem areas of the figure.
Remember that wedding dress with corset top is a must-have “stock for otagowane”. This means that the corset is designed for a maximum volume of 92 cm, will not look best on a lady with waist of 92 cm is to take something you will be delayed, but the excess skin will “hang around the edges.” Choose a corset that has enough of the average tension for he sat tight and beautiful.

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