Simple Wedding Dresses 

The features and benefits
Simple wedding dresses minimalist style become a popular trend. Laconic white dress a good cut highlights the elegance and sophistication of its owner. It embodies aristocratic restraint and elegance. Young bride in a simple cut dress will look very touching and sweet. Mature ladies, this style will emphasize the natural beauty and femininity.
A good cut highlights the dignity of the figure of the bride. Girl can choose a slinky silhouette to show off a perfect figure. Romantic nature can choose for themselves a light dress casual to accentuate their femininity and closeness to nature.
Simple wedding dresses look stylish and elegant due to the right choice of style, texture of fabrics and finishes. These details complement the cute and romantic image of the girl, revealing her character. In addition, simple models have several advantages, which should stop them your choice:
– Low cost attire. If the bride’s limited budget, she can choose a modest but no less elegant option.
Functionality. After the ceremony, a white dress can be worn in everyday life.
– If desired, the bride can make a dress for a special event.
Today, many famous designers in their collections of wedding dresses adhere to the naturalness and simplicity. Thus, simple models are one of the main trends of recent seasons.
A distinctive feature of fashionable simple dresses for wedding is elegance, modesty lines and precise harmony in the proportions. If you like the taste of the aristocratic, refined and not heavy luxury associated with bad taste, then it will be your simple dress for the wedding. This outfit will allow us to show individuality.
A misconception of those who believe that a simple wedding dress is designed for modest brides or marrying for the first time. Have a place to be such cases in which a simple wedding dress will be appropriate:
– With a small budget. Come to the aid of a simple outfit, it is not possible to buy a more expensive dress. But very often happens that the simplicity of the dress makes it look expensive.
– At the wedding. In this case, the attire must be moderately open, closed shoulders, length below knees. Not welcome excessive transparency and brightness of the dress.
– A problematic figure. The owner of the complex physique can safely choose a simple dress. Correctly chosen dress will add femininity and nobility and hide all the problem areas.
And, of course, the wedding on the beach or nature have implications for the choice of the dress: the bride should be easy.
Styles and styles
Restraint elegant wedding dresses simple cut continues to be trendy and not lose relevance. Really, no need for the distraction of views of female beauty are too many decorations, because you can experiment with styles, materials, colors, how to decorate and length.
Greek style
A good example is the simple wedding dress in Greek style. It is not envisaged that many decorations. Its main task – to emphasize the charming contours of a perfect figure woman. Designers of our time presents refined wedding dresses Greek style, such as “one-shoulder”, bonded to only one precious adornment and delights of magnificence and simplicity.
Simple models of wedding dresses are found in styles of Empire style, a-line, straight, mermaid.
The main feature of the wedding dress in the style of “Empire” is a breast drape. It can move smoothly in short / in a loop, loosely grasping the neck. In this model, the back was open down to the waist.
If the choice fell on the model dresses of “Empire” with naked and rounded shoulders that do not have straps, to emphasize the whiteness of the shoulders. This will help to make powder of the skin. And to distinguish the model of “one-shoulder” Greek style, use a wide belt.
Your inspiration and type shapes will help you to make a choice – to create the appearance of high waist either to emphasize its. So both styles will fit in the case of your “interesting situation”. They will disguise the bulge of her tummy.
The bride with slender legs and flawless figure good choice would be the short simple dress for a wedding ceremony.
It will emphasize the youth and playfulness of the bride, the image will be no worse than depicted on various covers of wedding magazines.
Well a short dress with a short veil or a hat and short gloves.
Bride in long wedding dress classic. This length gives solemnity and elegance.
Simple long wedding dress can be decorated with a brooch, a bold belt and elegant accessories.
To a large extent are traditional puffy wedding dresses for the wedding. This kind of dress emphasizes the solemnity and importance of the event. Dress to successfully hide any imperfections of the figure. The emphasis may be placed on the chest area and waist. Adorn this kind of dress and in the frame of the camera.
Fragile, young and skinny the girl is invited to pay attention to cascading dress (short in front and long in the back) with a train “the tail of the Firebird”. The skirt is almost always made from several layers of tulle. The bodice can also be decorated with a drape of light fabrics.
The little mermaid
Wishing to show the silhouette, like the ideal, you should choose the fitted style of the little Mermaid. In a simple implementation it needs no frills as himself decorates. Valid only for modest draping at bust and lush bow accentuates the “fishtail”. It should be noted that choosing such a model in advance to work out the gait, in order not to look ridiculous, clinging to something.
Please note! Even the simplest dress sparkle on you only when you are filled with happiness and the presence of a sincere, happy smile.
The lack of ornamentation and a strict laconic style, allows you to experiment with colors and material.
Fabrics are selected in accordance with the style of the event. For weddings in the Provence style, rustic, country, hippie, boho, etc., excellent for simple materials with no Shine. For example, a thin cotton fabric, lace fabric natural materials, linen, viscose.
Wedding in rustic style suggest a minimum of decoration in the outfit and simple accessories, for example, bouquets of wild flowers. For events more vivid in style (boho, vintage), you can use the visible accents: jewelry and vibrant colors, decorative elements on the dress in the form of flowers, beads, rhinestone.
For celebrations in a more glamorous style, for example, gangster party, you can choose satin, silk, shiny lace fabric. It would be appropriate decoration of the dress sequins, rhinestones, precious jewelry and also accessories in the form of brooches, short veils, tiaras, etc.
Satin wedding Bridal dresses look luxurious and rich, emphasizing the beautiful curves of the beautiful body. Lush fabrics like organza and chiffon will clothe you in weightlessness, airiness and lightness.
Note that the lush crinolines are absent, and the volume of the skirts is formed with multiple lower layers made of tulle. In fact, he should not be large, should be only a tenderness in the way. And no pretentiousness!
But if you want to dress in a silhouette, try not to overdo it with rich decor, finding the Golden mean. Draping on the skirt, stuck the original bows, will give a neat charm to the General appearance of the outfit.
Quite a long time the Queen of Scotland Maria Stewart, which imitated a society lady, made fashionable wedding dresses of white color. Then they symbolized purity and cleanliness, now a color value paid little attention, but to this day married bride in white outfits.
Brave dressed in red and its shades, that has recently become popular. And all because the white color is out of date, as considered famous designers and presented wedding dresses in different colors on the next show of wedding fashion. Besides, white color is complex because it reflects a large amount of light, resulting in photos with many details of dress become invisible.
If you are so brave to stand in a wedding gown colors such as black, blue, red, or Bordeaux, then experiment with shades of white. There are several options: pale blue, pale pink, ash rose, pleasant green, “champagne”.
Very elegant look in wedding outfits pastel shades: pink, mint, peach, vanilla.
You should pay attention to blue and green shades that are in trend now and their shades: mint, blue, turquoise, pistachio. Several fashion houses have offered wedding dresses in muted pink color, obtained after a runaway success. Was originally designed wedding outfits in black color, which for a long time for the wedding ceremony was not appropriate. Model popular designers contain only black shade as an accent on the individual elements of the bridesmaid dresses.
Fashion trends
In addition to colors in wedding fashion takes pride of place embroidery. Items handmade jewelry has long been the benchmark in the design of the wedding dress. Become very popular outfits, hand-embroidered, especially demand embroidery on the corset. Such models have become almost the most relevant for a wedding celebration.
As for the fashion for minimalism, one of the collections entitled “sophistication of simplicity” was presented by Vera Wang. Simple cut, absence of decoration and flowing styles – focus on the flawless silhouette. Simple styles can be traced in the collections of Anna Maier. The decoration of the dresses is V neckline and lightweight drape on skirts.
A long period at the height of fashion was open styles. Now they were replaced by more modest and strict. These models hide the ladies ‘ hands under the soft material. Fashion here is the length to the wrist, and you can give preference to short style, but the elbow must be covered on a mandatory basis. The fabric for the sleeves from designers was lace and silk. Aesthetic appearance has a form-fitting styles that accentuate the beautiful hands. Sleeves are required even for a summer celebration. They provided designers most often made of thin tulle.
Bodycon dresses
A small length will be complemented by luxury fabrics. The front side of the decoration has a restrained and simple style, the focus here on the decor of the back.
To is not offered and the designers treat the choice of the wedding dress responsibly. We will also discuss all the details with the photographers that solemn day were not only memorable, but also beautifully captured in the photographs. When organizing a wedding celebration is taken into account not only location, but also as a couple will fit into the overall picture of the occasion, everything has to complement each other.

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