Vera Wang Wedding Dresses 

Over the past quarter century, the name Vera Wang has become a symbol of wedding fashion in her dresses marry more famous beauties than in the creations of any other brand. Attain the phenomenon of the popularity of Vera Wang through the iconic and revolutionary inventions of the designer .Models inherent finesse and elegance, lightness and magic, as well as the reasonableness of the images to the smallest detail. Read more about simple ivory wedding dress.
Career fashion Vera Wang is one of the most fascinating and long in the fashion Olympus. She’s already made history of fashion as one of the most influential designers of the late twentieth and early twenty — first century. In 65 years, Faith still at the peak of popularity, and it shows week of wedding fashion in new York — one of the most anticipated and innovative.
Debut of Vera Wang in the arena of Bridal fashion took place in 1990, after 17 years of work as the fashion editor of Vogue magazine, she opened her first flagship boutique in the Carlyle Hotel on Madison Avenue in new York.
It can be further worked to prepare fashionable gloss to be released, if not for one fateful event in her life – a proper wedding. Like other brides Faith are faced with the problem of choosing wedding dresses.
Despite the large variety, many and unlimited financial possibilities the girl could not find a suitable outfit. The only way that Faith was able to find, was the creation of the dresses on their own. It was her first step towards the creation of his collection of wedding dresses. Then came the opening of the wedding salon.

No bride will be able to consciously abandon the dress was created by Vera Wang. But how are they so attractive? Let’s deal with it.
– How many have not created models, but each has a unique, absolute originality and amazing uniqueness. Dresses as the leaves on the trees – not much, but the same two can not find work.
– Each outfit in varying degrees, has a unique chic, soft feminine, soft and unobtrusive elegance. The presence of the dress from the Vera Wang dooms the image of the bride become the most beautiful.
The use of natural fabrics of the highest quality — this is the first unchanging principle of the Faith.
Every detail and all the decorations on the dresses are handmade.
– Variety of models and styles allows each bride to choose her outfit.
In his works, the designer breaks the stereotypes and negate the tradition. The most unusual color found in wedding collections: black, red, green, and Burgundy.

Collection 2011
Every year Vera Wang produces two collections. Spring-summer collection of 2011 is filled with feminine silhouettes, which were created with small floral elements, three-dimensional parts and separate the petals. Used tulle and organza looked very harmonious in soft images. The color solution was varied from white and various varieties, cream to silvery and seductive purple.
Following collection of the same year, surprised the fans of the great designer, no white. The dress was more reminiscent of tempting desserts. The jewelry served as a satin black ribbon, and the heads of the models were adorned with decorative elements. Dresses for the most part created from light or fluid materials.

Collection 2012
The inspiration for the new season it seems was the outfits worn by Japanese geisha. The dresses has a lot of ruffles, ribbons, framing the waist, others delicate and touching elements. In this collection there is none of the white dresses, but there are many variations of peach, ash grey and pistachio shades.
The second collection of 2012 became a real sensation in the world of wedding fashion, as the entire collection was devoted to black dresses. Long model in a saturated black color looked breathtaking, unusual and individual. Diluted this range of dresses in nude shade.

Collection 2013
Spring 2013 Vera Wang was filled with a passion that was expressed in rich red tones. Adorned dresses ruffles, unusual draping and the many ruffles.
On the new collection, made entirely in the color ivory. The combination of silk and ivory were perfect. Addition was the lace and ribbon you added elegance and beautiful outfits.
Femininity and romance was impregnated with this collection.

Collection 2014
Spring-summer collection 2014 appeared in the combination of black and white. Unusually looked black gloves combined with white dresses. The corsets were present seductive and unusual cutouts. Some dresses were decorated with geometric elements that resembled seat belts.
This collection is the complete opposite of what we all used to see in classic wedding images.
But autumn-winter collection brings us back to tenderness and femininity. The dresses were similar to the flowers from the garden of Eden.
Collection 2015
Spring-summer 2015 collection was dedicated to decadence and Gothic fashion. Here the emphasis is on minimalism, sensuality, some careless.
Vera Wang used flowing lines, delicate lace and white. This beauty is hard to describe in words, better to see the pictures of the models.

Collection 2016
Dreaminess and a certain naivety seen in the new collections from Vera Wang. It offers a grunge, intertwined with asymmetrical silhouettes decor, stylized antique.
Dresses-combination of tulle, lace mermaid with a train, silk models in the floor in the style of minimalism and translucent straight silhouettes complemented by brutal black shoes, sunglasses and chains. The costume outfit also serve as sequins and appliques of flowers.

Celebrity dresses
Star brides often turn to Vera Wang, for exclusive outfits. Initially, the Belief was popular in America, but after the wedding Victoria Beckham, who also used the services of a designer, the talent of the designer began in England. The whole world admired the satin dress ivory color in which the bodice had a strapless, and the skirt was a lush and passed into a chic train
Dress for Chelsea Clinton, daughter of the American President, could serve as a perfect tenderness. Numerous draping on the bodice and the skirt, sparkling wide belt on the waist and perfectly chosen accessories – the bride was simply gorgeous and divine.
Jennifer Lopez was generous and chose the most expensive dress Vera Wang, which was worth 320 thousand dollars.
Avril Lavigne surprised everyone with his attire. From such unpredictable and unique person expected to see an appropriate dress, but it was a classic, delicate and traditional.
Britney Spears wanted to drop the finished dress, which had spent tens of meters in the best sateen. But the time came around and pleased its fans with a charming dress in white.
Perfectly and harmoniously in a delicate dress from the Vera Wang looked like Jessica Simpson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ivanka trump, Sharon stone, Hilary Duff and others.
And even the creation of some films not without the participation of the dresses from Vera Wang. For example, Sarah Jessica Parker in the TV series “Sex and the city” was dressed in a dress provided by the great fashion designer, Charlotte York wedding dress calls Wong is the perfect choice of bride, and Carrie Bradshaw posing in her creation for Vogue magazine. In the film “bride wars” heroine Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson bought dresses Vera Wang for the wedding, and Gossip girl is one of the main characters, Blair Waldorf is getting married in a dress from the new collection of the designer.

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