Wedding French Manicure

Preparing for a wedding is an enchanting time, when woven together joy, happiness and slight excitement. Every girl wants to look perfect on this day, because a beautiful bride is the main character of the celebration along with the bridegroom. Therefore, when creating the image, a girl must take care of all the nuances, including the manicure. Every detail must be perfect, because the bride is always the center of attention. Today we will tell you what kind of wedding French manicure is especially popular in 2016.


Despite the abundance of options of nail Polish, traditionally most brides prefer the classic French manicure. It looks classy and sophisticated at the same time. In 2016, the French manicure is still relevant, the novelty consists only in the fact that the color of the nail tips may be the most unexpected. The choice is yours – leave the classic white version or make something original. You can pick up a lacquer color under bright accessories: hairpins, earrings, brooches or wedding bouquet. Look at the photo, blends in nail design with the elegant image of the bride.


Asymmetrical wedding French manicure differs from the classical fact that the white paint is applied diagonally, in your chosen direction. Very impressive this looks on the nails of medium or great length. Asymmetric design visually narrows and elongates the nails at the same time, allowing you to focus on the French manicure.


Chevron is an element of V-shaped form, which is widely used in architecture, heraldry, and other fields. In the French manicure style “Chevron” is expressed in a non-standard execution of the smile line is in the form of a tick or a Latin letter V. Very original this design may be supplemented with drawings, sequins or rhinestones. How elegantly looks wedding manicure Chevron, you can estimate it looking at the photo.


Another fashion in 2016, French manicure has a mysterious name “Millennium”. It consists in that the nail tip is placed sequins or decorative sand, and the coating must be thick enough not to Shine through. The transition from saturated to shiny surface, pastel color lacquer looks original and gently. This option is perfect for the wedding, so many brides give their preference to the design of the “Millennium”.


The Most popular option for decorating wedding jacket – it is a drawing on the nail plate of the ring finger, which will show off the wedding ring of the bride. A favourite shade for painting traditionally considered white, but you can experiment and make drawings in other colours. In addition, you can decorate the other nails are not necessarily confined to the ring finger, if you prefer a more three-dimensional compositions.

Transform wedding jacket, you can use popular the 2015 stamping – a handy tool for creating perfectly smooth hair. French manicure with lace looks very romantic and sexy. To verify this, take a look at some beautiful photos.

Another original decoration of the French wedding is acrylic molding. But the main thing here is not to overdo it: body composition should fit snugly to the nail plate. Color is better to choose neutral, soft pink, white, flesh. You can decorate acrylic composition small beads or a small amount of sequins.

Decoration nail shining rhinestones is a great way to make it festive and bright. But note the important rule: the size of the decorative stones have to match the size of the nail. Thus, the shorter the nails, the finer must be the rhinestones. Owners of long nails can afford and larger crystals. However, I do not advise you to oversaturate French manicure that it has not lost its elegance.

Another non-standard, but quite a popular form of decoration is the piercing of the nails. Of course, this design might seem controversial, but there are those who stylistic decision will appeal. To appreciate the originality of this jewelry, take a look at some photos.

Dear girls, French manicure gives you enormous freedom: your nails can look as you go – down to the smallest detail. Choose a jacket, which perfectly complement your ceremonial way at the wedding, because it is one of the most important events in every woman’s life. Be happy!

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