How to choose engagement ring

Typically, this thin gold ring with a precious stone. There are also original “combined” ring – the ring consists of two pieces that are assembled into one. One-half given as a betrothal, and the other for the wedding. Such rings are interesting to look both together and separately
An important point, which no one wants to make mistakes – the choice of ring size.
With wedding rings it is easier – their lovers are choosing together. But the engagement ring the groom chooses independently. Actually the size of his lady is very simple. The easiest way is to borrow some of your favorite ring for a day or so in the jewelry store precisely sized. Another option is to trace the inner contour of the ring with a pencil on a sheet of paper and on this picture to learn the size in the store. You can try on your favorite ring on your finger and mark the place where it is most firmly seated. In the jewelry store to choose a ring that will fit on the label. You can still directly ask the girlfriend’s favorite ring size. The main thing is that Your fiancee about anything not guessed.
If for some reason the wedding did not take place, the ring is returned or the groom, or retained as a keepsake, but not worn. Of course, all this is tradition, which you can follow, but you can make some changes to your taste. It happens that the first wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand, and after the wedding disguised on the left hand. Some wear wedding and engagement rings on one finger. It does not matter, the main thing that ring from your loved one, delivered positive emotions. And don’t forget about the true meaning and symbolism of this gift

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