Bridal Ballet Flats: Tips for the Brides

Wedding dress every bride pays a lot of attention. After all, in this day of celebration every girl wants to look fabulously beautiful. But choosing the model needs to focus not only on external beauty, but also for comfort, because the celebration lasts almost the whole day and it is important that the bride does not feel discomfort. When choosing shoes, consider the option of wedding ballet flats.

In some cases, ballet flats is the best choice.

Of course, most girls prefer to wear at the celebration of fine shoes with heels. But in some cases these shoes may be inappropriate. To select wedding shoes-ballet flats is in the following cases:

  • bride taller than the groom or the newlyweds growth is almost the same;
  • the bride can’t for health reasons or just doesn’t like to wear heels;
  • the bride is pregnant, it’s especially important to take care of your comfort;
  • the wedding will be held outdoors, in this case, the high heels would be inappropriate, as the pin will get stuck in the sand or the grass.

In addition, wedding shoes ballet flats can be used as a plug-in model. On the official part of the event, the bride can wear dress shoes, and a Banquet and dance to change into more comfortable shoes.

Models of shoes

Photos of models of ballet shoes, which are suitable for the bride, surprises with its diversity. This can be shoes small (0.5-1 cm) stable heel or no heel. The toe of the Shoe may be rounded or sharp, open or close.

Shoes are made from a variety of materials – soft leather, satin or other textiles. Not necessary to select a pure white shoes, they look great wedding ballet flats color ivory, model, shades of cream, silver or gold shoes. Importantly, the selected model were in harmony with the General ensemble – the dress and accessories.

A variety of ballet shoes and decor designed for a wedding. It can be laconic, devoid of decorations, or on the contrary, richly decorated: with sequins, beads, embroidery. It is interesting to look model with ribbons tied around the ankle. These shoes look almost like ballet Slippers.

How to choose?

It is very important to choose the right ballet flats under a wedding gown that your shoes are “out” of the General ensemble. Buy shoes preferably simultaneously with the dress, so you can try them “in tandem” and see how they complement each other.

What styles of dresses look best with ballet flats:

  • straight dresses medium length (this option in combination with ballet flats good for tall girls);
  • long dresses with a skirt-bell and a emphasis on the waist;
  • dresses in the Greek style;
  • long dress with a fluffy tulle skirt;
  • short dresses with a full skirt reminiscent of a tutu;
  • custom outfits: trouser suit, jumpsuit, etc.

If you plan to wear a short wedding dress ballet flats, then the bride should note that beautiful these shoes would look good only on slender legs with beautiful shape of eggs. Therefore, in order to look good, you need to actively play sports!

The color of ballet shoes may get close in tone to the dress or on the principle of contrast. So, if the dress is long, it is best to take shoes in tone on tone. Under a long skirt, you should choose flat shoes with minimal decoration, as the shoes still can not be seen practically.

If the dress is short or medium length, there are different options. Under the dress is a simple style without decoration and you can pick up embroidered with pearls or rhinestones embellished ballet flats. Looks interesting variant with shoes in a contrasting color. For example, to the white dress you can wear ballet flats in red or blue, if you pick to match the shoes, the accessories – a belt, a handbag, hair ornament and etc.

Tips for the brides

  • Flat shoes, like high heel shoes, you need to be able to wear, not to look awkward. That’s why you should rehearse at home, learning how to gracefully walk and dance in shoes purchased.
  • Practical brides may be advisable to purchase wedding ballet flats made of soft leather with minimal decoration. These shoes can be worn after the wedding. If you want to purchase a model which will be stored as a memory of the ceremony, you can choose satin shoes, embroidered with pearls and decorated with lace.
  • Better to buy a model of ballet shoes with soft, bendable soles well. Shoes hard soled shoes can RUB your feet.
  • Do not choose the model, the edge of which is pulled an elastic band. The bride spends on her feet almost the whole day, so by the evening your feet are slightly swollen. Gum, located at the edge of the shoes, squeeze will be very tired legs, so it’s best to choose a model with smooth edges.

So, wedding ballet flats is comfortable and beautiful. Of course, there are styles of dresses that don’t allow the lack of heel, but you can pick up a very cute outfit that would look great with ballet flats.

Even those brides who can not imagine your wedding image model without shoes, it may be advisable to buy ballet flats simple as changing shoes. After all, with high probability, closed shoes with high heels in the evening my legs are really tired and then we change the shoes. After the wedding the newlyweds should bring only positive emotions, therefore, is to take care of your comfort.


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