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Wedding Bouquet of Tulips

yellow tulips wedding bouquet

Delicate harbingers of heat – bright, colorful, extremely exquisite tulips draw the eye of buyers in the flower market. And no wonder, bloomed first in the spring, these beautiful plants fascinate the sight, smell, give us joy, lift your spirits. The bride, choosing a wedding bouquet of tulips will look amazing, because they have a […]

Bridal Bouquet of Lilies

bridal flowers orange calla lilies

Lily – the second most popular flower that florists use in the preparation of wedding bouquets. But such popularity is absolutely justified, because its petals is associated everything that must have a true bride – the nobility, innocence, purity, tenderness. Pastel colors of the flower blend perfectly with the wedding dress, so the bouquet with […]

Wedding Bouquet of Freesia

wedding flowers with freesia

The Bridal bouquet is an important element in the wedding. Well-chosen attribute that will emphasize the design of the dress and beauty of the future wife, will complete the selected style. If you want to add flavor to your composition, use of less common flowers such as freesia. Wedding bouquet of exquisite freesia will be […]

Wedding Bouquet of Wildflowers

bridal bouquets with wildflowers

The modest wedding bouquet of wildflowers is not so solemn and pathetic, like a large bunch of red roses, but no less cute and adorable. Many underestimate him, but in vain. Wedding bouquets of flowers are quite unique, original, perfectly fit to the bride’s dress. Many sizes – from large to very small, elegant compositions […]

Wedding Bouquet of Hydrangeas

purple hydrangeas wedding bouquet

The main accessory of the bride is a gorgeous Bridal bouquet. Every girl tries to get serious about creating flower arrangements, as bouquet not only effectively complements the outfit, but also reflects the character of the hero of the occasion, its tastes, preferences. Wedding bouquet of hydrangeas will do fine, modest girl who genuinely loves […]

How to Choose a Wedding Bouquet

how to make a bridal bouquet peonies

Wedding bouquet is an indispensable attribute for the bride in responsible in her life day. It is a symbol of happiness, love and romance, which it will store for many years, occasionally taking it out, remembering your celebration. Therefore such composition must be original and meet all the wishes of the bride and match the […]