Maternity Wedding Dresses

Pregnancy is an important event in the life of every woman. In our days it’s not uncommon to get married, expecting a baby. Many of the brides are confused by this fact: pregnant women are trying to postpone the wedding considering that they will become the object of gossip or look unattractive.
Neither argument does not have the right to exist, since the time when the pregnancy of an unmarried girl was considered a disgrace, sunk into Oblivion, and in Bridal salons today you can find a lot of incredibly beautiful maternity wedding dresses.
Useful tips
Naturally, every bride in her wedding day wants to look beautiful. It is therefore very important to choose a outfit that will emphasize the dignity of the figure and will hide shortcomings. Even on decent term of pregnancy you can look fascinating if the dress will be selected with consideration of the peculiarities of the physique. The range of wedding dresses for pregnant brides wide enough to be able to choose the model for any girl.
All the wedding dresses for moms-to-be should meet the following conditions:
They should not exert pressure on the abdomen and chest of the bride, at any period of pregnancy.
They can be sewn from natural fabrics different hygroscopicity, softness and elasticity. All these requirements correspond to the natural silk and satin and lace, woven from threads of natural silk or cotton.
– The quality of the stitches must be very high: it is unacceptable that they rubbed the skin, causing discomfort.
– The time of purchase. Most brides prefer to buy a dress, at least for a few months before the wedding, then to slowly pick up accessories. But if the bride is in position, the purchase of the outfit will have to be postponed to the last week before the wedding. The figure of a woman at this time is changing rapidly, so if you buy a dress a month before the celebration, wedding day dress may be too tight. To choose a wedding dress for pregnant is possible and well in advance, but buying just before the occasion. In any case, don’t buy “grow”! Changing shapes during pregnancy individual. It happens that a woman belly in a period of 6 months more than the other on the period of 8 months. So guess here is impossible.
– Comfort. It is very important to the expectant mother in the chosen outfit not experienced discomfort. Should be categorically reject corsets with lace and other details, compressing any part of the body. Even if the pregnancy only 3-4 months, and my stomach is still quite flat, it is better to purchase the dress in a loose silhouette or made of an elastic material. It is advisable to choose clothes made of fabrics impervious to air.
. Quality tailoring is one of the defining criteria of choice. RUB the skin joints and other unpleasant moments in your dress shouldn’t be.
Fashion styles of wedding dresses for pregnant women do not differ from those models that designers offer pregnant brides. The only exception is corset dresses and gowns-fitting “mermaid”, they are not recommended to buy expectant mothers. All other options are cut can be considered as possible options.
Quinceanera dresses
In the early stages, you can wear a magnificent wedding dress with a fitted bodice, but without the corset. Skirts distract attention from the beginning to rounded shapes. It is desirable to avoid models with the decor in the waist, but the neckline, on the contrary, it should be emphasized.
If the wedding will take place in the cold season, it is possible to sew a dress with sleeves. But it is important to strike a balance: if skirts are lush, the sleeves better to do tight.
High waist
Dress with very high waistline and floating skirt is a great choice for a pregnant bride. This is the most popular wedding dresses that hide belly, so often choose a bride with a pregnancy of 7 months.
The emphasis of the outfit is sewn in the Greek style, done on his chest. To do this, use trim and decoration neckline and cut lines, located immediately under the breast. In the dress of such style the bride will be very convenient, even if the change has been significant. And if the term does not exceed 5 months, guests can not guess about the position of the bride. For some girls this is very important because during pregnancy many become superstitious and don’t want to advertise their impending motherhood.
Light summer wedding dresses with Empire waist can have the bodice on the straps. Camisole dresses are often decorated with rhinestones, beads, small artificial flowers. Sew easy open chiffon dresses, veils, silk, guipure. These fabrics drape well, so the skirt falls in beautiful folds, hiding a plump waistline.
Fancy dress in the form of a trapezoid is perfect for expectant mothers. Such models of maternity wedding dresses look good on any girl. Feature cut is the lack of emphasis on the waist.
The outfit can be as simple as possible, similar to the ancient Greek tunic. In this case, the bride is recommended to make a complicated hairstyle and use eye-catching accessories.
The second option is the dress in the form of a trapezoid with a rich decor. It can be embroidery, rhinestones, ruffles, bows. This outfit, by contrast, “requires” concise accessories simple and sleek style.
Short dresses
It is not necessary to sew a long dress to the floor. Pregnant bride can choose a short dress. Of course, we are not talking about the mini, but the model up to the knee or to mid-calf. Particularly recommended short model girls beautiful legs. A short dress may be in the form of a trapeze or Empire waist and full skirt.
Interesting and rational solution would be a dress with a train. It could be a model with asymmetric skirt which is shorter at the front than at the rear. A variant with a detachable train. It can be worn at the solemn part of the ceremony, and then remove to feel more freely and comfortable.
To give harmony to the figure of the pregnant woman to help the bride dress with vertical lace panels.
The choice of dress depending on the period
Circumstances couples are formed in different ways. It happens that for some reason the registration of the marriage postponed until late in pregnancy. In principle, it does not matter what time to get married, the main thing that the expectant mother feel good about itself, and the occasion was her joy, not heavy duty.
First trimester
At the beginning of pregnancy a woman’s figure virtually unchanged, except that the chest will be a little more lush. However, already in the early stages, you should avoid outfits that compress the body. Therefore, corsets with lace and tight elastic bands should resolutely refuse.
The bride can choose a fitted dress or small dress with a straight silhouette. Stylists recommend brides to try on models with a low waistline and skirt cut the sun. This dress pulls in the silhouette, and the bride looks more slender.
Bold girls can decide on toilets with an open back, this will allow you to create original and sexy image. In the summer you can opt for a simple silk dress in linen style with thin spaghetti straps.
Second trimester
At this time, the tummy is already well noticeable. But we left behind the troubles of the first trimester – nausea, constant drowsiness and other “charms” of toxemia. During this period, the majority of pregnant women not only feel good but look great, so it’s time for the wedding.
Choosing a dress, you need to decide what the bride wants: to emphasize their status or to hide it? Most girls are proud of future motherhood, so they want strongly to emphasize its importance. They should choose a simple dress straight silhouette that does not hide, but not tight stomach. Simple cut dress can be compensated by choice of fabric. Ideal – lace or jacquard. These fabrics have interesting texture, and look great in the outfits concise styles.
If the bride wants to hide the changes in her figure, she should wear a dress in the Greek style or the Empire style. To divert attention from the waist, you need to decorate the neckline. Perfect for pregnant brides and dresses A-line deep V-neck.
Third trimester
If the wedding falls on the last months of pregnancy, then you need to take care that the dress was as comfortable as possible. It must have a loose silhouette and be sewn from natural, breathable fabrics.
For a longer period it is recommended to avoid very full skirts, as well as, flounces and ruffles, otherwise the figure will look too heavy. If the abdomen is large, it is better to opt for a dress knee length or slightly below. In dress, in gender, a woman will look like in MOP.

Fabric and colors
Fabrics for sewing of wedding dresses for brides in position should be natural and light. You should avoid outfits with heavy brocade or velvet, the weight of the dress shall not exceed two kilograms, otherwise the pregnant bride will be hard to spend the whole day, and tired expectant mother should not. The best options of fabrics – satin, chiffon, silk, lace.
The color of the dress you can select for your preference. No strict rules on this subject does not exist. Most wedding dresses are white, but in recent years, many brides choose the dresses in pastel tones of cream, sand gold, blue, violet, turquoise, etc. Very nice white dress with a bright finish. This striking accent can be a belt with a bow or embroidery on the bodice. If desired, the bride can wear a dress bright colors – scarlet, blue, emerald, purple. But the outfits in bright colors will look better, if the pregnancy is small. In the last trimester it is better to prefer matte fabrics in pastel colors.
To look stylish, you should not only choose the right dress, but to pick him the appropriate accessories.
Traditional wedding shoes are shoes or sandals with high heels. However, if the bride is in position from tradition will have to retreat. Doctors do not recommend wearing high-heeled shoes for pregnant women because these shoes have a negative impact on blood circulation and the condition of the spine. If the bride can’t imagine your wedding without heels, it is best to choose wedges, not heels. And be sure to grab a spare pair of comfortable shoes, to be able to change the shoes, if his legs get tired. Because wedding is an event which occupies almost the whole day.
If the pregnancy exceeds 6 months, from idea to wear high heels have to give. To risk your health and the health of the unborn baby for the sake of beauty is not worth it. Shoes it is advisable to choose the same shade as the dress. Also, you need to follow the rule: the more decoration on the dress, the shorter should be the design of the shoes.
Pantyhose best to choose a Nude, they match the dress of any color. Purchase a special model with an elastic belly panel, these tights will not cause discomfort.
This accessory has long ceased to be mandatory for weddings. However, many girls still want to wear a veil in her wedding day. The main requirement when choosing a veil for a pregnant bride, this accessory should not be too heavy. Better to do without a multi-tiered wedding veils to the floor, leaving your choice on easy models.
Instead of veil you can wear a cute hat or choose a lovely hair accessories such as a tiara or diadem.
Decorations for wedding image, it is recommended to choose a graceful and light. Special attention to pregnant brides should be paid to the choice of bracelets and rings. Future moms often by evening, the swollen hands and feet, so the jewelry can cause discomfort.
Other accessories
Doctors categorically do not recommend expectant mothers to wear a traditional wedding accessory as garters for stockings, as they compress the legs, impairing blood circulation.
And here is the original addition wedding image, as a fan, a pregnant bride can do a good job, especially if the wedding is during the hottest time of the year.

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