How to choose engagement platinum ring

Alternative gold rings are engagement rings made of platinum. Platinum never wears out and always retains its luster. This is a very rare precious metal. To obtain 100 g of platinum, it is necessary to process 10 tons of platinum ore, so the price of platinum is very high. Platinum unlike many metals, does not cause allergic reactions and blends well with other jewelry. Made in any style platinum ring will look luxurious. The earliest mention of platinum archaeologists find in Ancient Egypt. Its name this metal in the XVII century, platinum means little silver. In 1870 it began to be used for jewelry, as the rim lagragian stones, often diamonds, because the rim of gold gives the stone a yellowish tint. For jewelry use platinum 950. This means that the platinum in the alloy the percentage of the presence of other metals is minimal. On a platinum ring because of its hardness is harder to do the engraving, but the engraving will last forever.
Sophistication in white Purity, the rarity, value and beauty are just a few of the many words that can describe the most beautiful of human emotions – love. The same words precisely call quality among the noblest of metals – platinum.
Cleanliness is the main property of this precious metal. Jewelry of platinum is 95% pure metal, unlike white gold, which is an alloy of many metals. Not containing impurities platinum doesn’t cause allergic reactions.
Another important characteristic of platinum is its rarity. There are only a few deposits of this unique metal. The amount of platinum mined annually, almost 13 times less than gold. So to have the decoration of platinum – are not available to everyone. This is an indicator of high status and refined taste.
It is known that the jewelry made of precious metals wear down over time. Jewelry of platinum is prone to wear much less and require less maintenance: because platinum is one of the most durable and wear-resistant metals. Due to the high strength of platinum, a scratch does not remove but only shift the metal. And the bright white sheen of platinum never fades – it is her natural color.
Modern jewelers are happy to work with platinum, creating unique elegant jewelry. White metal perfectly highlights the dazzling brilliance of diamonds and is in harmony with the proud radiance of gold. Amazing inner glow, a natural white color and unique properties of platinum has always attracted the most discerning buyers. Today jewelry made of platinum enjoyed extraordinary popularity at the consumer. Because many people prefer decoration and white color, perfectly complement a business suit, and evening toilet.
Buying a platinum ring, you make a perfect choice. And high price – only the highest quality products. Platinum will tell everything about you – your taste, your style, your personality.

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