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Wedding First Dance Song

First dance of the newlyweds is one of the most emotional moments in the entire marriage ceremony, since in most cases it is at this stage most of the audience unable to hold back the tears of joy and happiness. Yes needless to say – often the bride and groom themselves and can’t keep from […]

Perfume for Wedding Day

Perfume for wedding day: how to choose? That allows us in our daily lives to create a luxurious and complete image, attention to uniform details? Of course, my favorite perfume – colognes, perfumes, eau de toilette. The wedding is no exception, and in anticipation of this important event, you should think about what is suitable […]

Wedding Attributes

Wedding attributes – those seemingly unnoticeable details and elements, without which it is impossible to present a unified and coherent picture of the occasion. To any one person invited to the wedding ceremony, not the feeling that the organizers of the holiday is obviously about something forgot, the acquisition and preparation of key attributes for […]

Wedding Handbags

TYPES OF THE WEDDING HANDBAGS The style is created through details: this rule is also true for the bride, so she needs to pay great attention to the selection of suitable accessories to your outfit. Today you can find handbags of the bride for every taste and purse, suitable for any season and theme of the […]

Wedding Lingerie

Decide first what should be a wedding lingerie set, comfortable or beautiful? Every man at the wedding trying to imagine how luxurious and sexy lingerie is under the dress of his bride. But, needless to say, sexy lingerie is most often not too comfortable and not suitable for extended wear. To calmly pass the whole […]

Wedding Capes For Brides

An indispensable attribute for the bride in the season of cold weather are wedding gowns, because not all celebrations can be held in the summer, the main part falls in the fall. Such cloaks created by using warm materials that ideally complement the wedding dress of the future wife. Capes are so well blended into […]

Wedding Gloves

Wedding gloves were relevant in the early 18th century, when ladies wore it on a daily basis. Later, they were worn by high-ranking ladies at social events in the evening using only the toilet. And here in the 21st century, Bridal gloves are back in fashion and are popular. They give the bride elegance and sophistication. […]

Wedding Accessories 2016

Every bride knows how much it is necessary to organize for the best day of a couple’s life. Fine details define the quality for the celebration – it is important that they all combined together, fit the color, texture, decor: from thigh garter to the towel on the marriage. This review will help you choose […]