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In the most important and happy day the bride has to be the sure and quiet beauty on pleasure to herself and darling. For this purpose it is worth approaching attentively and responsibly a choice of a dress, footwear, and, of course, a wedding hairdress (photo). Especially for our favourite readers, we prepared a huge photo gallery of wedding hairdresses.

Here you will find a set of wedding photos of hairdresses with braids, ringlets, bunches, jewelry and a veil, and also modern options of wedding laying.

Before a wedding it isn’t recommended to change a hair color cardinally. You can not guess with a shade, and on correction of a situation can not remain time and the condition of hair considerably will worsen.

At a choice of a hair color you remember that dark hair do you is more adult, also adds age the direct bang closing a forehead. Open the person to give to an image a little freshness.

It is more noticeable and more beautiful than a braid on a fair hair, and on dark ringlets yours of weaving can get lost, and you won’t be able to inform to people around your idea.

It is better for tall girls to pick up a hairdress where ringlets don’t make a high, volume tower, and on the contrary, fall on shoulders. Low girls can allow a high hairdress, for example, a babette.
Large ringlets will help to hide excessive completeness to korpulentny girls. The sticking-out ears need to be closed hair to the middle. That the short neck seemed longer, it is necessary to open it as much as possible, and a long neck, on the contrary, to close a flowing hair.

The wedding hairdress has to suit a shape of your face. Hair have to be painted so that to emphasize all advantages and to hide appearance shortcomings.

Pay attention that your hairdress has to correspond to your dress. The stylist at a choice of a hairdress has to consider all parameters that the image of the bride was harmonious and very attractive.

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