Mermaid Wedding Dresses

For the wedding day every bride plans to buy the most amazing dress. Among the most popular styles of wedding dress is mermaid. The bride in this dress looks very impressive, because the dress emphasizes the dignity of all shapes.
What kind of style?
Photo of outfits described style will make sure that the girl in it looks like a fabulous character – a Beautiful Mermaid. This is achieved hard cuts: top dress tightly hugs the figure to mid thigh or knee, and then expands, forming a kind of fish tail. Due to the interesting silhouette, the wedding dress in mermaid style is the most feminine and beautiful models. They favorably emphasize the seductive curves of the female figure.
Variations of dresses with a mermaid silhouette, there are many, so the bride is able to choose the one she like.
A bit of history
Many people think that dress-fitting “mermaid” or “fish” is a recent invention. In fact, this style came into fashion during the reign of Queen Victoria.
In the eighties of the last century dress, close-fitting shape to the knees and flared worn by female members of high society as everyday outfits. But since the style is not the most practical, with time dress silhouette “fish” fell into the category of formal models. A simplified version of this style are dresses and skirts cut “a year.” Essentially, it’s a straight skirt, a-line knee-length go-insert the wedges, through which the hem extends downward.
Fashion designers offer a variety of options for dresses casual “fish”, the difference in the cut of the bodice and skirt.
Options skirts
Most common wedding mermaid dress with a fluffy skirt. The skirt can be cut-off. One of the options – the usual dress bodycon mid-thigh, at the hem which is sewn multi-layered skirt cut the sun. A line cut of the skirt can be straight or curly.
Instead of a skirt-the sun can be sewn on the skirt, consisting of numerous horizontal flounces. In this case, the outfit will resemble a dress in flamenco style. Skirt can be gathered from the wedges and vertical or cascading ruffle. When sewing this dress is often used a combination of fabrics, that is, the material of the top and skirt is different. Original looks magnificent wedding dress-mermaid, made with a train. In this embodiment, the front part of the skirt can be full-cut and the wedges sewn into the back half of the skirt, which goes into a loop. And possible variant of the cap skirt with no train.
But the most interesting and the same time a practical version of the dress is a model transformer. In this outfit the skirt is a detachable item. After the solemn part of the event the bride can unfasten the blouse and stay in tight-fitting dress. That is, the model-transformer – this dress is two in one.
Versions of the bodice
The top part of the dress is sewn on the figure, his peace, resembles the model of “case”. However, there may be a variety of options.
For example, the model can be made with open armholes or with long sleeves. Moreover, the sleeve can have a variety of fit. Most often, this narrow sleeves to the wrist or below the elbow. Stitched they can be made of cloth dresses, in lace or translucent material. Often do dress with a fully open top or spaghetti strap. Moreover, the style of straps can be varied, from thin, to wide and curly.
Looks alluring dress with open back, but this option is suitable only if the bride’s perfect posture and good skin. Beautiful look and patterns with lace. Crocheted panels is provocative cutouts on the back or chest look very cute and modest.
To dress style “fish” looked good, it is made out of a fairly dense fabric that holds its shape well. The most common variant is the look of satin. This material is drape, pleasant to the body and has an attractive appearance.
In addition, dress can use taffeta or silk. Looks impressive lace mermaid, it usually is sewed on the lining. Chiffon and other lightweight semi-sheer fabric often used for sewing skirts attire.
Satin wedding dresses are just right for winter weddings, since this material is very dense.
Lace can be made: skirt (fishtail); the sleeves; the bodice (from the neckline to the collarbone or neck); trim corset on top of the main fabric. Lace suitable for wedding with the style of “retro” and “vintage”.
With a train Model with train look luxurious (the longer it is the more effective way). This piece of dress can be finished: lace; pearls; rhinestones; embroidery; beading; sequins.
Lush dress hugs the figure and towards the bottom it expands to form a full skirt. It can be: direct; of the vertical folds of fabric (reminiscent of the outfits in the style of flamenco); cutting (top – dress case, a bottom – sewn with straight or scalloped cut skirt).
Be aware that the dress mermaid, dropped waist, tight corset reaches (in the classic version) mid-lap. Therefore, the movement of the wedding will be a little difficult and long walks will have to give.
Dress casual mermaid tight fitting shape, highlighting the chest line, waist and hips. That is why many people wearing a similar outfit can only girl with impeccable forms.
In fact, it is not so. Despite the openness of the outfit, using various “tricks”, you can successfully disguise various figure flaws. Here are some tips stylists who will help brides to choose the most appropriate style:
– Brides of small stature, is to abandon the train and choose the model with bare shoulders or spaghetti straps. Definitely need to wear shoes with high heels.
– If the bust has a modest dimensions, it is possible to mask this deficiency with the help of the decoration on the chest. Use draperies, flounces, ruffles. Need to avoid open straight neckline, much better in this case will look with a cutout in the shape of a heart or the letter V.
– If the Breasts are large and heavy, it is necessary to abandon the option with the bustier top and models with thin straps. Better to buy a dress or the model on a wide straps.
– Under imperfect waist line should be used such detail, a contrasting wide belt. Girls with a narrow waist and narrow hips, it is recommended to use a contrast waistband, only you need to place it on the hip line.
– Heavy hips will help to disguise a diagonal drapery of the skirt and V-neck.
– Too wide shoulders hide dress with narrow sleeves without ruching lifts and a full skirt that begins from mid-thigh.
Suitable dress and for brides, provided that the proportions of the figure saved. Full girls it is recommended to choose the option with not too lush, full-cut skirt. In addition, you need to use shapewear to hide all unnecessary.

Tips for choosing
Dress casual mermaid can not buy in a hurry, it requires careful fitting. Here are some useful tips:
– Dress should be strictly according to the size. Close the model is to emphasize all the flaws, and too loose – it will look like on the hanger. Keep the top part of the dress is a tight fit figure.
The “tail” of the mermaid should start from the knee or higher, but, in any case, not lower, otherwise the gait of the bride to be, at least, strange. Wearing outfit, walk around the cabin, this will help to evaluate the pros and cons of the model. Dress should not be so narrow that it was difficult to walk. Note that during the celebration you have to not only walk, but to climb the stairs. So check prevents dress walking on the stairs.
– Overweight girl with a figure “hourglass” is to be careful when choosing the dress. Not worth it at the same time emphasize and lush Breasts and childbearing hips, so it’s best to choose a model without open neckline.
– Absolutely does not fit this style full of girls with type figure “Apple”, as well as brides in the state.
The choice of accessories and hairstyles
When creating a wedding image, not details, so be very attentive to the selection of accessories.
To the dress-fitting mermaid fit long nebesnye veil or a small hat with a short veil. It is important that veil not overshadow the dress. Remember the main principle: the richer and more varied decoration of the dress, the more modest must be veil. If the same dress devoid of decor, you can choose a veil with embroidery and other large decoration. For lace dresses should choose a veil, which repeats the pattern of lace, and a perfect match with it’s shade.
Shoes for dress style “fish” must be in heels. Ballet flats this style do not fit categorically.
Choosing shoes you can pay attention to such model as:
Shoes “pumps”. They can be decorated with rhinestones, lace trim or not to have any decor. The classic form of shoes is always in fashion. They are suitable for holding wedding ceremony in winter, autumn or spring.
– Shoes with “studs”. This model has a high and narrow heel. Due to this, any girl will look even slimmer and taller.
– A pair of “sling — back”. Have a small but steady heel. The main feature of this model is the strap that fastens under the heel. Those shoes look great on a wide foot.
Jewelry should be selected in accordance with the style of the dress. The classic version of jewelry with pearls. But you can use other options. The main thing is to avoid massive product, with a dress of this style a perfect mix of fine jewelry.
In the wedding image, you can include small evening bag – clutch bag. This accessory should be in harmony with the flared part of the dress. To open you can pick up dress Bolero. It can be sewn from lace or translucent material. If the dress is made from a combination of fabrics, the Bolero is to sew from the material of the skirt.
Bouquet to the dress may be traditional, having a circular shape. Perfect flower arrangement, including white Callas or lilies. An interesting solution would be cascading cascading bouquet, it especially looks good with a dress with a train.
Hairstyle to the cut “mermaid” should be refined and romantic. Stylists recommend brides following options:
Long flowing hair straight or curled in ringlets. This option is ideal to wear with bare shoulders. You can remove the hair from the face, zachesov them back, fix the hairstyle with a beautiful wrap or tiara. To the dress “fish” are great variety of beams and nodes. You can use braids of different braiding.
If your hair is medium length, they can be stacked, twisting the ends. To this hairstyle is well suited little hat with a veil.
Thus, the ideal hairstyle to the dress “fish” needs to emphasize the beauty of the dress, but not overshadow it, so the accessories should be used moderately.
The bride’s face is the center of attention at the wedding celebration. So makeup should be chosen in accordance with the outfit.
Win-win option is makeup in a classic style, dominated by light and soft shades. Naturally, it needs to be more expressive everyday option, but still not as bright as for example evening.

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