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Wedding Makeup Features for Brown Eyes

On the eve of the wedding of the fair half of mankind scratching their head, what makeup to choose for this important event. Let us dwell on brown-eyed girls and their solemn day. Consider what suits you and what is not, given the importance of the event. Preparation for makeup Before you proceed to the […]

Wedding Makeup for Brown Eyes

Wedding is the Central event in the life of every girl, dreaming about it since childhood, therefore the desire to be in the way of compelling-beautiful bride is quite predictable and understandable. What is this image? Of course, fabulously beautiful dresses, elegant shoes, beautiful hairstyle, manicure and spectacular makeup. Great success can be considered, if […]

Main Makeup Mistakes

Cosmetics serves primarily to make us more beautiful. The right makeup smoothes the skin, giving it a glow and a beautiful shade, hides pimples and emphasizes all your strengths, whether expressive eyes, full lips or well-defined cheekbones. However, even the most beautiful girl makeup may just disfigure. Leading stylists amounted to “five” the main mistakes […]

Wedding Makeup for Round Face

Any qualified makeup artist will confirm that with the right makeup it is possible to turn into a beautiful woman an ordinary girl. However, to hide the flaws of appearance and to emphasize its advantages, you need to understand what they are. It’s about creating wedding makeup for round face. It is a complex process […]

Wedding Makeup for Gray Eyes

Wedding makeup is a festive image of the girl, which is not used every day. Want to look your best in a wedding day, then it is important to understand the right techniques, women’s tricks to make you beaming with beauty, femininity and irresistibility. Wedding makeup for gray eyes is one of the more simple, […]

Wedding Makeup In The Greek Style

Makeup in Greek style are very popular among newlyweds. It is especially suitable for the brides who chose hairstyles that focus and outfits. Why Greek makeup so entices us? Ancient Greek women wanted to bring their own appearance to beautiful and majestic face of one of the goddesses, and how the modern bride does not […]

Wedding Makeup for Blondes

Wedding makeup is one of the important components in the perfect image of the bride. The face should Shine with health, beauty, perfection, so much so that the eye, cannot take. The wedding day is always filled with various emotions – excitement, joy, happiness, tears, so evening makeup for the bride should be stylish and […]

Wedding Makeup for Brunettes

To complete the festive look, the bride to think about her future wedding makeup. It needs most befitting her type of person: the details correctly applied make-up will highlight the advantages and smooth out make imperceptible shortcomings. Dark-haired girl suit different colours – dark, bright, light, and wedding makeup photo for brunettes proves the rule […]