Wedding Makeup Features for Brown Eyes

On the eve of the wedding of the fair half of mankind scratching their head, what makeup to choose for this important event. Let us dwell on brown-eyed girls and their solemn day. Consider what suits you and what is not, given the importance of the event.

Preparation for makeup

Before you proceed to the selection of makeup you need to decide:

  • what shade have brown eyes (light brown, cognac, dark brown, almost black);
  • what you want to create an image (a combination of make-up in General the ensemble);
  • what type of your appearance (skin color, hair, features).

When you have decided on the answers to these questions, you can start choosing the style and palette wedding makeup.

Choose the style

Wedding makeup features for brown eyes

Under the style of makeup you need to understand its variety. For example:

  • natural (make-up, which aims to underline natural beauty with minimally noticeable percentage of beauty products);
  • Smokey ice (quite bright and expressive dark makeup);
  • classical (usually done in light or neutral colours, which is reminiscent of black, little dress, which is always appropriate).

It is also worth to distinguish between daily and evening makeup. If you choose makeup for wedding, you will need the universal variant, because the celebration will take all day and part of night. As they say – need a happy medium.

Color palette

Girls with brown eyes are very lucky, because the palette of suitable colors is quite wide.

In addition, girls with brown eyes can use in your makeover even the bold and bright colors:

  • yellow;
  • red;
  • orange;
  • bright green.

The fact that brown eyes themselves are bright, so the presence of shadows in garish makeup at all will not spoil, unlike blue, grey or green eyes.

Back to the reason for which we choose makeover – wedding. Speaking about such an important celebration, you must abandon too flashy makeup, you don’t want to distract from your gorgeous wedding gown and your natural beauty. Therefore it is better to not use flashy colors. Understand what colors are suitable for owners brown eyes.

If you have brown eyes, you’ll like shadows in the following colors:

  • olive;
  • beige;
  • purple;
  • gold;
  • brown (different shades);
  • green;
  • blue;
  • fuchsia.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, you need to consider shade of brown eyes, to select the most suitable color shadows. For example, if you have the eyes cognac color, a shade of brown and gold palette, if you have dark brown eyes, beautiful will look the shade of purple hues.

Do wedding makeup

Bride with brown glazemeister classic wedding makeup for brown eyes that you can use for the celebration. For such a makeup is best to choose a neutral brown-pastel colors. To get started on your eyelids you need to apply Foundation makeup, it will greatly prolong its “life”. Then apply the Foundation, it can be a light beige, and only then you can proceed to the basic makeup.

An important factor is the contour of the eye, it should be applied from the beginning. You can use eyeliner or pencil. If you hair is blonde, natural and will look better eyeliner not black, but brown. But if you do not choose natural makeup, but makeup with lilac, purple hues, you can safely use eyeliner dark purple color.

A few words about the shooters

The arrows in the wedding makeup should not be too thick and catchy, as this will aggravate the eyelids and reduce eye. So draw neat arrows and put them on top of the shade so they are not sharply distinguished. The palette of brown and beige, choose shades depending on your eye, color. Before the wedding it is recommended to practice a couple of times, at the same time and figure out what shades suit you best.

Classically applied the shadow from the inner corners of the eye to the outside. From lighter colors to dark. It is important that the transition of the shadow palette was smooth and harmonious. No abrupt transitions and divisions, since it would look sloppy, vulgar, and most importantly, of course, not the best impact on the wedding. So well shaded shadows.

I would like to stop at pearl shadows and shadows with a touch of Shine. If you choose natural makeup, these shadows would be inappropriate. Of course, all brides want “shiny”, especially in the evening time celebrations, but the shadows with glitter or pearl can spoil the natural and elegant makeup. In addition, these shadows can flake off during the day. So, if you want to add such a shadow, be very careful and apply them in minimum quantity.

Before applying wedding makeup eyes don’t forget about tone basis. Refers to the use of Foundation and concealer you need to hide all the little nuances, especially around the eyes so that the skin was clean, fresh and healthy appearance. When you have applied your Foundation, contour (arrows), shadows, you can proceed to the final stage – the application of mascara on the lashes.

In this makeup it is better to use rasposhyol and volume mascara and lengthening, because we want to achieve a natural effect. The color of mascara you can use black and brown. It depends on the overall makeup and your appearance.

Tips brown eyed girls

The makeup that you will use for makeup, should be of decent quality, so do not skimp. Also, if you are going to do yourself a makeover, you have it still and will remain for the future.

Mascara and eyeliner, which you will use for your wedding makeup needs to be waterproof since wet situations may not be enough. In addition, in advance they need to test that in the end you get the desired effect.

Purse bridesmaid should always be a minimum set of cosmetics (face powder, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick) for a brown-eyed bride that had the opportunity to touch up your makeup. But during the day it will have to do repeatedly.

If you are hiring a makeup artist for special make-up in advance be sure to Express all your wishes and make a test makeup, then your appearance was not a surprise. At the same time the specialist can offer you different options.

And, finally, the cornerstone is healthy sleep before the wedding. You need good sleep because the dark circles under the eyes no need. And then your eyes are clear, and well-chosen makeup will decorate and will make you simply irresistible.


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