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Tips for the Groom: Wedding Day

Often the eye come across articles with recommendations tips for brides and grooms as well, who will give advice to the groom at the wedding and talk about the responsibilities of the groom at the wedding? So, this article is dedicated to the groom and will contain advice and recommendations to the groom at the […]

Advices for the Groom: What You Have to Do Before the Wedding

For some reason, decided that the wedding planning is the task of the bride. It turns out that a real man must also make some effort to be a real groom! Important advices for the groom who wants to help the bride in wedding preparations, Often tips for the groom only contain tips for the […]

How to Choose a Wedding Shirt

A very important day – your wedding is quickly approaching. And you, like any man, you want to look your best, right? Today you have great opportunity to choose the original or the classic shirt among the many stylish options of shirts for wedding. Linen wedding shirts Shirts made of linen are one of the […]

Wedding Cufflinks

Wedding cufflinks – stylish accessory Cufflinks – aristocratic and sophisticated men’s accessory formal suit that never goes out of fashion. Men that like and know how to dress stylishly, know how look favorably cufflinks and as a help to demonstrate your fine taste. An excellent choice would be and cuff links as an accessory to men’s […]

Boutonniere for Groom

  Wedding boutonniere for groom How much worry and anxiety brings about the upcoming wedding. Very touching and exciting to watch as the bride tries on a wedding dress. The groom with the suit a bit easier, no laces, veils, gloves and the like of wedding paraphernalia. Here only it is necessary to pick up […]

Wedding Tie, Bow Tie or Neckerchief. What to choose?

The bride and groom carefully consider the tiniest details in your image, selecting each item of clothing with the utmost care. Before the young man is facing the problem of choosing the right accessory that will blend with the suit and the look of the groom as a whole. Flawlessly chosen accessories inspire confidence and […]

Wedding Tie for Groom

Naturally, on this day, the most beautiful and perfect will be exactly the bride and groom. Only if the bride can find a dress you dreamed – because the range of wedding dresses is huge with a fiance, things are a bit easier. Chose a beautiful and elegant suit and shoes. The only thing that […]

Wedding Three-Piece Suit for the Groom

At my wedding, even the most dispassionate fashion, man becomes a true dandy, for which all the details of his toilet verified and significant. Men’s wedding fashion exists on a par with women and contains mnozhestvennaya. Bad color butterflies, illiterate adjusted length of pants and stylistic missteps can ruin men’s suit for the wedding and […]

Groom Suits

wedding suits for groom 

How to choose the groom suit How to dress for a wedding, if in many cases dress and groom’s suit requires some coordination with the bride’s dress and wedding style? Let’s figure out what to wear to the wedding the groom and how to look at 100%. If you run forward a bit, then after […]