Wedding Tie for Groom

Naturally, on this day, the most beautiful and perfect will be exactly the bride and groom. Only if the bride can find a dress you dreamed – because the range of wedding dresses is huge with a fiance, things are a bit easier. Chose a beautiful and elegant suit and shoes. The only thing that almost all male guests will be dressed in costume. And there already play the role of accessories.

Often, the way the groom was full, handsome and distinguished him from all, you can use this beautiful and stylish thing as a tie. In addition, you can adjust the tie so that it emphasized the overall style of the wedding. For example, if you want to hold a wedding ceremony in shades of purple, the groom can wear a purple tie, and the bride should complement the image of something of that color.

Wedding tie for groom – By the rules

But, be that as it may, the choice of the tie, particularly a wedding, is an art. Generally speaking about the width men’s tie, it should match the width of the lapels of his jacket, which depend on the size of the shoulders. If the groom’s broad shoulders, and the tie should be wider – so it will be more harmonious.

Traditionally, the length of the tie should be such that the accessory was half-covered buckle belt. But lately, the mods are doing exactly the opposite, young men prefer the tie the wide end which does not reach the waistband of your pants.

It is equally important to pay attention to the coloring. It is customary to choose a tie so that its color was a shade darker than the shirt, but all the same lighter shade of the jacket.


Variants of grooms ties

The tie is a kind of intermediary that makes the image more elegant. But to choose the wedding tie so that the whole image was original and interesting is very hard. In addition to the fundamental canons regarding the size of the tie, the colors.

For example, solid-color ties any color can go to white shirt. If the shirt is colored, then there is need to be careful, and choose the tie should match the shirt, only a little darker. One of the most popular and win-win options is a combination of dark suit, light shirt and dark tie, but the ensemble colors of things should not be very sharp.

If the groom wants to wear a shirt with a pattern, whether it be a stripe, or a classic check, you should prefer the tie with a geometric pattern, or accessory should be solid, but be sure the color should match one of the stripes on the shirt. Remember that it is not necessary to overload with ornaments all the way, one thing should be plain.

But if a wedding dress looks very strictly, it can vary tie with a pattern that will add a zest to the General look of the groom. Great if the shirt will be slightly lighter than the suit. But don’t get too carried away original drawings, because some ties with pattern look tasteless and can hurt the overall picture, there should be careful. For example, you can choose popular in recent years, a tie with polka dots. If the groom low and chunky, the pattern of dots should be small, but thin man can afford a pattern of large polka dots. Notice that the color of the dots is selected in the color of the shirt.

In addition to the usual tie, you might consider a bow tie. In a festive atmosphere – it’s a good thing. If such a thing is made of black velvet or silk, it will fit to any costume, if the color of material white, then you should consider the tuxedo.

In any case, remember that any tie you choose should be of high quality. It needs to be made of quality fabrics (in most cases silk) and cut on the bias. It is necessary that the tie is not coiled and kept the knot. There is another trick: do corporate ties, inside widest part, sew up seam never to end.

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