Tips for the Groom: Wedding Day

Often the eye come across articles with recommendations tips for brides and grooms as well, who will give advice to the groom at the wedding and talk about the responsibilities of the groom at the wedding? So, this article is dedicated to the groom and will contain advice and recommendations to the groom at the wedding, after all, on their share fall all the tests that day, and the main task of the bride is to look good and smile.

Generally in life, most often, men are less careful than women. Men are more likely to have anything to overlook or forget, well, what can we say about the day a man marries. That day was the idea that he’s getting married comes to the fore, everything else just flies out of my head. May be not everyone, of course, but most often so.

The most important tip to the groom: don’t forget about the little things, because from them one gets the whole picture completely. Worst of all is when because of some little thing gets in a mood, and in this day of celebration like wedding is just unacceptable. For example, when You go out and forget to buy a bouquet, then there seems to be nothing wrong there – another time buy. But forget the bride’s bouquet on the wedding day – simply unforgivable! Or take, for example, candy is full of them at every step, in every store, but the redemption You will not be able to run for the candy to pay off the bridesmaids, who don’t want to give it, and here is the candy weight in gold! Well, forget passports or rings – this means that additional trouble is provided. As check is always on time, and if You do not have time in due time, then squeeze between some other Brazauskasa very problematic, because often in the Registrar registration is the conveyor one pair after another, all painted in time. But evil tongues will start talking that it’s bad luck or the groom didn’t want to get married and so on. In short, exactly the mood to fall, and experiences will be added. The fact that in normal daily life stuff, the day of the wedding have a huge role, and all of the recommendations of the groom at the wedding imply something, simply to forget about it.

Our advice to the groom at the wedding will help to avoid mistakes. It often happens that even before the wedding people live together, but for a week or a few days before registration go to have a little dream, bored and at the wedding to experience the special emotions. Though for the wedding the bride and groom are usually done together, think of everything and so on, but specifically in the solemn day responsibilities of the groom and the wedding duties of the bride are different, and there is no one else to remind. Therefore, our first recommendation or advice to the groom at the wedding – write yourself a cheat sheet. Because in school and University, even if all You learned, probably took with him just in case the crib, because of the excitement some information can be forgotten. The wedding day in the morning before you leave the house and go to buy a bride be sure to check out the crib and check to see if there was anything You forgot.

  • The first item which is the responsibility of the groom at the wedding – the bride’s bouquet. Most often it is made on the day of the wedding, not in advance, so over a long period of anniversary flowers wilt. Pick up a bouquet from the flower shop or floral salon you can trust the witness, except that the groom is interested in the fact that the witness forgot about it, so you should call him to remind the address of the salon and the time in which the bouquet will need to pick up.
  • The second item, which include recommendations to the groom at the wedding – passports. Without passports, the marriage cannot be registered. Usually both passports before the wedding are stored in one of the newlyweds, it is often trusted by the groom. And forget them, no way! Prepare it the night before put in a prominent place. By the way, in recent years, some registry Offices have been asking to bring the passport the day before registration. This is probably due to forgetfulness on the wedding day the bride and groom.
  • Another point that is also important to remember – ring. Usually for them, as for the passport, the responsible person is the groom. Of course, if You forget, unlike passports, to register in the registry office will be able without them, but this is hardly like the bride, and all the rest. After all, a wedding ring is an essential attribute of any wedding!
  • The fourth point, which is to forget the groom does not – is money. Without them anywhere, even at the wedding. Some may ask: “why?”. Answer: for the bride, to pay for the musicians and the photographer at the registry office, in order to take pictures with the pigeons and many more why! And you never know what the circumstances are.
  • If the bouquet, passports, rings and money, You will not forget, you can be sure that the wedding to be! But you may need other things, especially on the ransom. For example, fruit, candies, small paper money, coins, dollars, Euro, keychains, Souvenirs, jewelry – in short, all that you can pay off the bridesmaids.
  • Don’t forget about the little things and in appearance: You in the day of the wedding, as the bride should look well-dressed. Tie clip, cufflinks, a boutonniere in his buttonhole, receipts about payment of the Banquet hall and other amenities, comb, watch, wallet and much more about what should not be forgotten. Don’t treat things lightly, because they make up our life, and finds its shades. From You, dear groom, it depends: are these colors bright and Sunny, or rainy clouds.


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