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Bridal Ballet Flats: Tips for the Brides

Wedding dress every bride pays a lot of attention. After all, in this day of celebration every girl wants to look fabulously beautiful. But choosing the model needs to focus not only on external beauty, but also for comfort, because the celebration lasts almost the whole day and it is important that the bride does […]

Wedding Ballet Flats

satin ballet flats wedding 

A wedding is always pleasant and happy hassle when you plan a celebration, select a dress and accessories. Special attention is paid to footwear. Some people believe that the bride should be wearing shoes with heels. But today it is not a rule. sometimes during celebrations the bride follows a few pairs of shoes. Wedding […]

High Heels Wedding Shoes

high heels bridal shoes pics

Wedding shoes with high heels make Bridal legs visually slimmer, sleeker shape, and growth above. Sometimes heels are a necessary measure, if the groom is very high. With the help of simple tips and tricks you will be able to find a perfect and comfortable shoes for your wedding! FEATURES CLASSIC BRIDAL SHOES WITH HIGH […]

Wedding Shoes without Heels

white bridal shoes without heels photo

Wedding day is comprehensive. Makeup, hairstyle, meeting with the groom, the ceremony in the registry office, photo shoot, Banquet, dance… It’s a busy schedule for each girl coming down the aisle. However, on the wedding day the bride must glow with happiness and joy, so buying comfortable shoes for the bride you should pay special […]

Platform Wedding Shoes

most comfortable pink platform wedding shoes

Every bride wants to look during the wedding ceremony is irresistible. Wedding dress, shoes, accessories are selected before the celebration. Bridal shoes should be not only beautiful but also convenient: the whole day, from early morning until late at night the bride will spend on your feet. If you walk in it will be hard, […]

Wedding Boots

white wedding boots

Wedding is not only the happiest, but also a troublesome time in every girl’s life. Need so many things to do: find a cafe or restaurant, make a guest list and send invitations, choose the outfit and not to forget about the shoes. And the last part plays an important role, especially during the cold […]