Wedding Handbags


The style is created through details: this rule is also true for the bride, so she needs to pay great attention to the selection of suitable accessories to your outfit. Today you can find handbags of the bride for every taste and purse, suitable for any season and theme of the occasion.


In the XIV century, blush, money and perfume was worn in a voluminous pocket, but they often spoil the appearance of dresses of court ladies. Therefore, in the XVII century, girls learned to knit for myself a small handbag covered with lace, where they had gathered all the necessary. Later these bags were supplemented by a rigid clasp, but couldn’t fall out: thus was born the purses. The bride then wore them on the wrist or fastened the purse to the dress, tamed them yourself with beads and crystals.

Today little satin and lace pouches called “Pompadour” in honor of the mistress of Louis XV, who was very fond of such bags. Later with the development of the fashion industry began to produce and clutches for the bride, and flat envelopes. Now the bride can choose to be a accessory for any wedding dress, her favourite style, size and character.


In order that the bride could always look in the mirror, tint the lips or to adopt the greeting on the phone, the designers have created an incredible number of handbags.

All their diversity can be divided into several types:

  • Handbag pouch (“A La Pompadour”);
  • Wedding clutch;
  • Bag purse for the bride (reticule);
  • Bag-an envelope.

All these accessories are very different in form and execution, but they share the small size: they fit easily into the hand. Each of them are different: in the hand, arm, wrist and shoulder. Wedding accessories are mainly manufactured from leather or satin, sometimes matte and shiny. In accessories-drapery, crystals, beads, flowers and bows. All their diversity can be assessed looking at the photos of handbags for brides. Each of them has its own unique style.
Handbags for brides are usually sold in Bridal salons, which you can select when fitting dresses, to assess how they are combined together. Some kinds of handbags for wedding can be purchased in regular stores and, if desired, further decorate by yourself. Small bag-pouch for wrist and you can sew with your hands.


Classic Bridal purse is a small bag, gathered up the strap or satin ribbon. This accessory is worn on the wrist or the elbow, is most useful lush ball gown wedding dresses in a classic style. He is very popular among the brides, so there are always for sale in different versions. This is a definite plus handbags Pompadour.

It is usually sewn from the same material as the dress, (often satin), decorated with flowers and ribbons, sequins and beads: you can find modest option, and very extravagant. In size there is also variation: from small to medium in size. This kind of bridesmaid handbags can be found or ordered in the form of a flower bouquet that looks very nice. Also easy to cut and design allows you to sew such accessory of their own.
In addition, the bride wedding appreciate these handbags for their convenience: the ball shape allows you to put everything you need throughout the day, including bulky items. Thus they are very easy to find: unleashing the handbag and all its contents will be visible. Wearing handbags the bag on the wrist or the elbow frees the hands of the bride, allowing her to carry a bouquet, exchange of rings and drinking champagne together with your accessory. Overall, the purse Pompadour – classic, elegant, very popular and very handy accessory for the bride.


Traditional evening accessory – oblong handbag with chain or without it. Most often, a clutch for bridesmaid is made of satin or leather and has concise modest decoration in the form of draping, flower or rhinestone. This stylish handbag for brides is not suitable for everyone along, but with the dress-a fish, a silhouette, a Greek short dress it will be a great kit and create a complete image. Wedding clutch bag can be bought not only in the cabin, but a regular store.
bag clutch wedding
To wear such a Bridal handbag on a chain over his shoulder, or hiding it inside, to hold in your hand or armpit. Clutch bag for the bride to be very roomy: there will fit keys, powder and lipstick, and the desired aerosol. To complete the look, you should choose classic pumps, elegant sandals. An additional advantage of such purses are able to wear it in the future and for evening out in the light or going to the theater in the summer.
wedding clutch on the background of the bride dress


One of the most original types of of the bride handbags is handbag or wallet, increased in size. He closed the catch: unlike other accessories it is guaranteed nothing will fall out. Handbag for the bride can be soft or hard, they are completely different shape and design: oval, square, heart, trapezoid, etc. They are mainly manufactured from textile, and decorated with stones and rhinestones, and drapery, and flowers and bows, complemented by the chain. Just look at the photo handbags, to appreciate their diversity.

The bag-purse for the bride can be purchased in the Bridal salon, and just in the accessories Department. The handbag can make the main focus in the wedding image, or, conversely, to find very modest and unobtrusive option.
The disadvantages of the bag-purse for the bride is the following:

  • The small volume and rigid walls is not always possible to put in a handbag is everything you need;
  • Stones, crystals and chain can cling dress, damaging it;
  • When selecting exceptional accessory will likely not get to use it in the future.

Purses for the bride fit perfectly into an image with the wedding dress in retro style, as well as a silhouette and “fish”, executed in modern style, and classic ball gowns. A variety of kinds of purses enables you to pick up this accessory to any wedding dress.
handbag the handbag of the bride

The most stylish and modern type of wedding handbags for the bride is a flat clutch or envelope. It has a rigid form, made of leather, including patent, as well as textiles, and looks like a normal envelope, increased in size. This accessory can be made independently, and obtain a unique purse for the bride handmade.
Bag-envelope the bride comes to the wedding dresses in the modern style, mainly to short and asymmetrical. This accessory does not distract attention from the dress becomes elegant with pumps. Its advantage is the availability and opportunity to purchase in a regular store. The disadvantages include the need for constant carrying in hand or armpit and limited capacity to force a flat shape. But elegant bag envelope the bride can be used in the future complete with summer dresses and sundresses.


If the wedding is held in a specific theme, it is a sin not to support her in the accessories of the bride. If dress must be chic, comfortable shoes, veil is classic, what more to stand out – not as a wedding purse!
handbag beaded
Looking at the photos of handbags you would be surprised how original they can be:

  • For a wedding in the “Country” style will fit a bag made of burlap, decorated with wild flowers or a small basket of birch bark;
  • Wedding in style “Shabby chic” decorate a bag for bride handmade, fully decorated with fresh flowers;
  • Marine style accentuates Bridal handbag, covered with shells;
  • For vintage wedding suit bag handmade, embellished brooches;
  • Wedding in the style of “Chicago” is not without black or white lace handbags;
  • The style of celebration “Travel” requires the bride to bring a small suitcase;
  • Fruit for wedding you can make the handbag in the form of a themed celebration (strawberry, orange, kiwi);
  • For winter wedding perfect soft handbag in red and white colours.

If I had to be creative, you can think of, to acquire or manufacture a handbag for the bride handmade in a unique style, reflecting the theme of the occasion or personality of the bride.

Wedding fashion designers are doing everything so that the bride could buy a perfect bag suitable style, size, color and design that will complete your look and make it unique and fabulous!


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